Letter to the Legislator

  Letter to the Administrator (20 percent of final grade) Assignment Information This appointment provides you with the befalling to use a specific political advancement strategy: advice with a administrator via a letter. Expressing your abutment or abridgement of abutment for proposed legislation (bills) can be a able way to allege up about an issue. In this assignment, you will analyze a proposed bill and articulation your abutment for, or altercation for not, casual that accurate bill. Completion of this appointment will authenticate your accomplishment of the afterward advance outcomes: describe the appulse of bloom affliction behavior on nursing convenance and bloom affliction assignment environments to actuate the banking and authoritative influences on accommodating care evaluate the political advancement action to analyze opportunities for nursing able involvement delineate strategies that nurses can use to appoint in advancement for bloom affliction action to abutment equity, access, affordability, and amusing amends for consumers and in abutment of the nursing profession Assignment Guidelines Select a allotment of legislation proposed either in your accompaniment or at the civic level. Identify your accompaniment adumbrative at the akin of the bill—this will be either your state, House of Representatives, or Senate representative, depending on the bill that you selected. Conduct a abstract analysis to analyze affirmation pertaining to the affair addressed in the bill. Find at atomic three sources. Develop a letter to accelerate to your accompaniment legislator. This letter should accommodate the affirmation acknowledging your position. The afterward websites action templates, examples, and/or guidelines for belletrist to legislators that you may appetite to consider. https://www.ncsbn.org/APRN_formletter_Legislator_web.pdf http://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/how-write-your-402285.html Grading Criteria Follow these guidelines in autograph your letter. Write the letter in a business letter format. Include the following: introduction of cocky and able position overview of the bill you appetite to address clear altercation in abutment of or not in abutment of the bill integration of affirmation from bookish abstract to abutment your position legal name, credentials, and acquaintance information Proofread the letter so that it is chargeless of grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors.

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