Letter to Senator About Smoking Ban

Dale Schultz Senator 17th Senate District Room 122 South Accompaniment Capitol P. O. Box 7882 Madison, WI 53707-7882 Dear Mr. Schultz, My name is Juan Jimenez, I accept been a aborigine and alive aborigine of Wisconsin for over 8 years now, and while I may not accede with some of the states accomplished decisions, I do acclaim the job you and your colleagues accept done. That actuality said, I am autograph in commendations to the accessible smoker ban that the accompaniment legislation board is currently considering. I, and abounding others like me, do not abutment this proposed bill and I will acquaint you why. I do accede that a smoker ban is reasonable in some places. Between the age of best acceptance and the beneath bloom of hospital patients, it makes faculty to ban smoker in the areas of schools and hospitals. I will additionally accede that smoker in a restaurant is article best anybody looks ill upon. Now bars, on the alternative hand, are a altered story. According to taxpolicycenter. org, Wisconsin collects over 50 actor dollars annually in booze tax revenues. Abounding of the confined that those taxes appear from accept a majority of assemblage who adore smoker while they relax and accept a drink. If they are no best accustomed to smoke in their bounded bar, they may aloof break home, which after-effects in absent assets for bounded businesses, as able-bodied as, absent tax acquirement for the state. As far as banning smoker in advanced of accessible architecture entrances, I accede due to the actuality that bodies accept to access and avenue through there. However, parking lots and parking garages activity a advanced breadth of alfresco air and space. It’s not extraordinary that one who doesn’t appetite to aroma smoke would absolutely calmly be able to abstain such encounters. Having a binding smoker breadth a set ambit from entrances makes sense. 1000 anxiety away, however, is an xtremely antic proposal. Ultimately, this is about the abandon of best and ones appropriate to exercise that freedom. If smoker in accessible can be analytic regulated, again non-smokers and smokers would be able to adore the aforementioned rights of choice. You, Mr. Schultz, as an adopted official, charge attending out for all of your constituent’s freedoms. This accepted government has far added important affairs to focus time and activity toward, like our abridgement and the massive absurdity that has become commonplace. I would like to see you booty activity adjoin such barmy aphorism authoritative and vote no. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

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