Letter to Headteacher

Wednesday 11th January 2012 Dear Mr. Headteacher, While I acknowledge the abounding allowances of our school, I anticipate there are still some problems. A big, the bigger, the bigger botheration is academy uniform. I will like to present you my case for abandoning academy compatible and explain to you why ,as a pupil, I feel academy compatible should not be mandatory. Statistics appearance academy compatible is not admired by the majority of the students. Anticipate about those poor accouchement that accomplish the clothes of the uniform. I'm activity to accomplish a account with the capital credibility of my letter: 1. We all accept the appropriate to individuality, to accomplish claimed choices and to accurate our personality. This appropriate of chargeless announcement includes the way we accept to dress. Authoritative anybody abrasion the aforementioned academy compatible infringes on our rights and is a abusage of authority. We should accept the appropriate to accept what to wear, to accurate our personalities and ,as a way of learning, to accomplish choices about our lives. 2. In my assessment the compatible costs too much. Even admitting you charge money to appear to this school, this doesn't beggarly that we accept to decay money for clothes we can alone abrasion at academy because they accept the academy emblem. 3. Our systems of law and adjustment about corruption anybody for the accomplishments of a few. We should booty the time bald to break the botheration of the trouble-makers that don't dress abundantly rather than administer a accepted rule. 4. There are affluence affidavit to abstain uniforms. One of these is that the abstraction of "one admeasurement fits all" is absolutely wrong. If our compatible fits to a boy, it doesn't beggarly it fits alike to a girl. We accept a different-shaped anatomy so the unisex compatible is useless. 5. What is more, uniforms should be abolished from schools because it alone causes added battle amid agents and students, and why do acceptance alone abrasion uniform? The alone differences amid a abecedary and a apprentice are the age and the spelling. We all accept the aforementioned rights so ,even admitting agents accept added authority, we should account anniversary alternative and don't corruption of power. 6. Another point is that I acquisition arbitrary the actuality that alone we accept to abrasion compatible while bigger boys and girls are chargeless to dress as they like. Would you like it? 7. Finally, cutting a academy compatible is not acceptable alertness for our approaching alive lives. Alone a few jobs crave uniforms. After all, our capital role-models at academy -the teachers- don't accept to abrasion a uniform, do they? The definitions of academy are : 1. a abode (institute) area accouchement go to be accomplished 2. the action of acquirements in a academy 3. the time during the day back accouchement are alive in a academy Notice the definitions don't accommodate the chat "uniform" anywhere. It acutely states that academy is an "institution for learning". The alone affair we apprentice from accepting uniforms is that we are so impaired that we can't accept the clothes for ourselves. To sum up, academy compatible is not the absolute band-aid if you appetite to abstain bodies authoritative gangs. There is a bigger solution: a dress code. While uniforms force all us to abrasion the aforementioned clothes, a dress cipher accord pupils a lot of best on what to wear. clashing dresses can be banned-for example, shirts with barnyard signs, actual abbreviate skirts, crop tops, bald shoulders... The academy in this way could be abundantly improved. Thank you for demography the time to apprehend my letter, Yours sincerely, name

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