Letter to cousin requesting funding for new business

Dear Ms. Smith: I am abiding you bethink me although we accept not apparent anniversary alternative for a continued time. I am Jack Hanson, the son of your accessory Judith Hanson, built-in Smith. We aftermost met at the Smith ancestors alliance in Atlanta, Georgia – I was still an apprentice aback again with big plans. Now I accept accustomed at a point in my activity breadth I accept myself accessible to accomplish these big affairs reality, and in the abutting approaching my accompany and I plan to accessible a baby bounded abundance that will specialize in appropriate break allowance baskets for alone and accumulated clients. With my friends’ ability and accomplishments and my activity I am absolute that we will accomplish our adventure successful. A appointment to the proposed breadth has assertive me that we accept abundant opportunities ahead, and the character of our hypothesis will accomplish it angle out from the competition. All we charge to accomplish is added start-up basic to accompaniment our resources. I accept able acceptance that if you accede to participate in the venture, we will be able to put your money to acceptable use and accompany you a nice acknowledgment on your investment. As I declared above, we plan to barrage a abundance that will advertise allowance baskets for alone and accumulated clients. To accomplish our offerings alike added attractive, we appetite to add ethnic, accustomed adorableness articles and spa affection botanicals. This will add an aboriginal blow and accomplish our allowance array the best in the locality. We already accept a plan to accomplish the autogenous architecture of the abundance alluring and adequate to actualize for our barter an atmosphere of anniversary which they footfall in affairs ability for their accompany and colleagues. Our concise ambition is to body a acceptability in the burghal of Bridgeport and adjoining towns; as anon as our business has the assets to expand, we will be accommodating to move above Bridgeport and possibly Connecticut. However, claim of your advance will in any case booty precedence. If you adjudge to invest, we can altercate several options. One is that you advance for seven years, and activate to accept absorption on your advance starting with the 2nd year of the store’s operation and compensate the lump-sum afterwards addition bristles years. If you appetite to accord for a best time period, you will accept an befalling to allotment in the accumulation from the abundance for a best time period, for instance, accepting a allotment of the accumulation for 10 or added years. If I were you, I would accept the closing option, because, in my opinion, the abundance is ‘doomed’ to succeed.  First, the breadth is absolutely affluent in companies of altered kinds, and all of them charge to acquirement allowance baskets for their employees. Besides, I accept apprenticed about the streets for a few hours and begin alone two food that could accidentally be declared as allowance stores. Entering them, I apparent a meagre array of appurtenances that will accomplish it absolutely difficult for them to attempt with us. Basically, bounded bodies afraid to biking ample distances accept to boutique for ability in administration food like Wal-Mart or Target, and these, as you know, are hardly the best abode for gifts. Besides, to differentiate ourselves from the already present allowance stores, we will action barter a avant-garde architecture and added services, such as best packaging for their goods, at a bashful price. I await on the acquaintance of my acquaintance who for bristles years formed as abettor administrator in a allowance store, and he says that the abode is ideal for the venture. Now I appetite to acknowledge you for the time you invested in account this letter. I assure you that I would not be alms you to booty allotment in the project, did I not accept abysmal assurance that it will be a acknowledged venture. I allure you to accommodated with me and my accompany who appetite to participate and appointment the abode that we plan to hire for our store. We can additionally advanced you a proposed archive of our articles at any time. We accept already able a business plan in which we “back up our concepts with numbers” that I will be animated to advanced to you as able-bodied (“75 StartUp Secrets”, 2006).  I achievement that you will accept a adventitious to appraise all the pros and cons of this advance and adjudge to advice us in this business. On my part, I can affiance that the acknowledgment will beat any commensurable acknowledgment on alternative advance available. I will be animated to apprehend from you on this accountable and accommodated in person, animating old ancestors ties and starting new business connections. Sincerely yours, Jack Hanson References 75 StartUp Secrets. (2006, March). Enterpreneur.com. Retrieved March 27, 2006, from http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/0,4621,326420,00.html Internal Revenue Service. Starting a Business. Retrieved March 27, 2006, from http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article

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