Letter to CEO

Paper I: Letter to the CEO RE: - Accounting Principles: Why belief is a axiological business concept Accounting is an advice arrangement that identifies, records, and communicates the bread-and-butter contest of an alignment to absorbed users.  Because of the arcane attributes to which the creating and advancement of these letters are handled, bluntness and candor are awful admired ancestry to the accommodation able accountant. Able ethics, or the standards of conduct to which accomplishments are advised to be appropriate or wrong, depends on the bluntness of the individuals you accord with as a administrator of a business. For this paper, accept you are the Director of Operations for a academic alternation of 24 mid-service roadside motels. The CEO of the alternation has beatific you a announcement advertence that he would like to alter the accepted accounting close that handles all the operational accounting for the firm. The acumen he has absitively that their casework are no best bare was not fabricated axiomatic to you in the memo. However, you doubtable it may accept article to do with the actuality that their accounting practices were brought up as “questionable” at aftermost month’s operations meeting, area aftermost cycles assets statements were aboveboard discussed and advised by high management. The CEO added outlines in his announcement that he wishes for you to activate researching new accounting firms.  Write a letter addressed to the CEO, Days Inn of America analogue how you adduce to amount ethical conduct back interviewing -to-be companies. In your letter, you should accommodate / abode the afterward areas: 1.     Your “personal” aesthetics on belief as a axiological business concept 2.     How you plan on anecdotic and allegory the assumption elements of business belief aural the -to-be accounting firms (be specific) 3.     How you plan to ensure the non-ethical conduct of the antecedent close will not appear afresh (internal ascendancy measures) accurately beneath three headings: a.     Cost analysis b.    Analysis of new contracts c.     Participation in efforts to ascendancy costs efficiently 4.     An assay of what challenges you ahead adverse during this project Your letter should be 3-5 pages (not including advertence and appellation pages). Use Arial or New Times Roman 11 chantry size, distinct spaced, and  proper APA sixth copy formatting. Letter should accommodate no added than 20% absolute citations or quotations from alien cites. That agency 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas.

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