Letter of Insanitation

Dear Manager, I came into your restaurant for cafeteria on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 at about 12:30 p. m. Actuality that your abundance area is abutting to my home and to my work; I banquet at your area actual frequently with my co-workers and family. This accomplished Saturday, I accomplished article that I should accept consistently been advertent of; however, I fabricated the acceptance that it was article that I didn’t charge to be anxious about because of the accepted faculty about the issue. I noticed that the man who was authoritative my sandwich was not cutting gloves or a beard net. I apprehend that best men accept abbreviate abundant beard so that it is not a above issue; however, this admirer had beard best than accept length. I accept that I came in during the lunch-time hour and that the abundance was busy, however, these things are not negotiable because of the risks associated with not cutting a beard net or gloves. While I stood at the adverse watching my sandwich actuality prepared, three advisers on the accumulation band sneezed aural a two minute accession and two of those acclimated their calmly to awning their mouths/noses while sneezing. Neither of the two advisers larboard their base to go ablution their calmly and to apple-pie themselves. They remained alive and connected on with authoritative my sandwich, forth with the others who were cat-and-mouse in line. It was not aloof me who accomplished what aloof happened, the man abutting to me and I both fabricated eye-contact and decrepit a few words to anniversary alternative apropos the incident. I am sure, that a actuality in your position knows the consequence of bacilli and diseases that can calmly be advance by army hands. Your advisers can advance assertive germs/microbes like bacilli and bacilli by communicable the altar or surfaces that they are touching. The U. S. Aliment and Drug Administration (FDA) instructs that calmly be done afore authoritative aliment AND putting on gloves to accomplish food. The FDA additionally advices that calmly be done afterwards coughing, sneezing and affecting your body, however, in the case of your store, this was not taken seriously. I was acutely anxious back watching my aliment actuality able by your advisers and the botheration could be apparent so simply. I accustomed my sandwich and afterwards watching what I saw, I didn’t alike eat the aliment I purchased because I was not accommodating to booty the accident in accepting ailing because of poor practices on account of your advisers and food location. I accept a brace recommendations as to how to fix this botheration and any approaching problems in the approaching at your area with your employees: 1. ) Booty an added 30-45 abnormal and thoroughly ablution your calmly with anti-bacterial soap. 2.) Advise all alive cadre that they are appropriate to abrasion a beard net if their beard is best than a assertive length. Please admonish your staff/employees to booty the assurance of your barter seriously, abnormally back it involves claimed hygiene. I am abiding that alike the busiest actuality on the planet would acquiescently delay an added 30-45 abnormal so that you can ablution your calmly and so they do not get an affliction and become sick. I achievement that this botheration gets apparent because I do adore advancing into your food area for lunch/dinner! Sincerely,

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