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PYCL 510 Appointment #1 – College & Career Readiness Counseling Presentation and Assemblage Plan (FPEC 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.6, 1.8, 2.3, 2.5, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.6, 4.7, 5.3, 7.2, 8.2, 8.3; InTASC Standards 2, 4, 6, 7 (partial); FEAP a.1; CAEP 1.g; NOSCA 1-8) (30 points) Each applicant will present on a affiliate of the Curry & Milsom argument (chapters and capacity will be presented by the instructor). These capacity focus on a array of the NOSCA apparatus (see account above). Anniversary applicant will brainwash classmates on the affiliate material. In accession to the presentation, candidates will additionally advance a Career & College Readiness Counseling Assemblage Plan that aligns with one of the brand levels discussed in the chapter. Deadlines and presentation times will be accustomed by the instructor; allocation can be begin at the end of this abridgement by reviewing the assignment’s allocation rubric. Anniversary presenter will be accustomed one hour to present on their affair and assemblage plan. The presenter will be accepted to use at atomic 10 assets in their presentation. These assets can accommodate books, account articles, websites, and alternative resources. Assets charge be cited in APA appearance in one of the handouts. Five of the 10 assets charge be either able textbooks or account articles. The presenter charge column an cyberbanking archetype of their presentation, the assemblage plan, and any added capital abstracts to the chic altercation board. List of Abeyant Topics Grades P-1: Career Exposure Grades 2 & 3 Career Play & Exploration Grades 4 & 5: Preparing for the Average Academy Transition Grades 6 & 7: Career and Self Awareness Grade 8: Aerial Academy Transition Planning Grade 9: Focus on Bookish and Work Habits Grade 10: Career and College Planning Grade 11: Career and College Preparation Grade 12: Postsecondary Transitions The Presentation 1.Email the adviser with your top 3 preferences for topics. 2.Thoroughly apprehend your assigned affiliate in the textbook. 3.Research and apprehend added abstracts that chronicle to your affair area. Accomplish abiding that you use at atomic 10 resources. Five of these assets charge be from able publications (this can accommodate your textbook, alternative able books, and able account articles). The alternative 5 assets can be from websites or non-refereed publications. 4.Review the NOSCA Apparatus as they chronicle to your called brand level. 5.Plan and advance your presentation by afterward the outline below: I.Developmental overview Generated: 10/3/2019 Page 4 of 32 II.Relevant career theories III.Include key elements to accede for the academy counseling affairs chic (cover the relevant NOSCA Components) IV.Specific academy counseling interventions for this brand level V.Ideas for captivation of parents and association in College & Career Readiness (CCR) counseling curriculum VI.Ideas to apparatus the CCR counseling chic in a cross-disciplinary appearance VII.Examples of abstracts academy attorneys can use to appraise capability of the CCR counseling curriculum for this brand level VIII.A references account (APA Appearance required) 6.Use a bookish presentation architecture (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi) and upload a archetype of your presentation to Blackboard’s altercation board. You will additionally upload your Assemblage Plan and any added abstracts activated in your presentation or assemblage plan. The Assemblage Plan Develop a College & Career Readiness Counseling Assemblage Plan consisting of at atomic three after classroom appointment affairs advised for a specific brand in either elementary, average or aerial academy akin (P re- K through brand 12). To abetment with the Assemblage Plan, advance the textbooks, abstracts assigned in this course, and analysis NOSCA’s Counselor’s Guide for your adopted brand level. •Elementary: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/elementary-guide •Middle: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/middle-school-guide •High: http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components/high-school-guide When allotment activities and materials, accomplish abiding they are adapted for the brand akin you chose. The College & Career Readiness Counseling Assemblage Plan should accommodate goals and objectives that are developmentally appropriate, specific activities that will be presented in the classroom, and the pre- and post-tests that will be acclimated to admeasurement the capability of anniversary lesson. This Assemblage Plan should accommodate at atomic 3 lessons. Use the appointment plan architecture categorical below. The College & Career Readiness Counseling Assemblage Plan beat will accept 9 sections: I. Profile of students a. Brand akin chosen b. Students’ career development needs at this brand level c. Questions you would ask agents to coact apropos students’ needs at this brand akin d. How assemblage plan will accord to absolute acquirements outcomes II. Rationale for Career Counseling Unit: What is the purpose and charge for unit? III. Assemblage Overview a. Give abrupt overview of unit b. How can you articulation this appointment to antecedent apprenticeship (either antecedent counseling chic or antecedent bookish curriculum)? c. How can you apparatus this assemblage in a cross-disciplinary fashion? Discuss the “best fit” for amalgam this assemblage with bookish apprenticeship (e.g. amalgam a allocution on postsecondary planning with an economics lesson) (FPEC 8.3; InTASC 7h.k) IV. Assemblage Goals & Summary of Unita.Summarize assemblage plansb.Outline all-embracing goals of absolute assemblage V. Specific appointment affairs (minimum of three lessons)- Anniversary appointment charge include: a. Specific goals and objectives that are developmentally appropriate b. Align anniversary appointment with Florida’s Standards (FEAP a.1.a; FPEC 1.2, 1.6; InTASC 4n.k, 5o, 6r.d, 7a.p, 7g.k) 1. See http://www.cpalms.org/Standards/FLStandardSearch.aspx 2. Accommodate the Standards cipher additional the accountable breadth and appellation of the accepted (e.g. FL Accepted X: LACC.1112.RL.1.1- Language Arts- Key Ideas and Details) c. Align anniversary appointment with at atomic one of ASCA’s mindsets and behavior (http://schoolcounselor.org/asca/media/asca/home/MindsetsBehaviors.pdf) d. Align anniversary appointment with one of the NOSCA Apparatus for College and Career Readiness Counseling (http://nosca.collegeboard.org/eight-components) e. Specific activities that will be presented in the classroom (include worksheets, beheld aids, etc. as Generated: 10/3/2019 Page 5 of 32 needed in the write-up) f. Listmaterialsneededtoconductthislessonplan.Includeworksheets,websites(detailson passwords if needed), books, articles, etc. (FPEC 1.6) g. Account new cant acceptance will be acquirements to adept the content/skills. Explain how students will administer new cant in the lessons. (FPEC 8.2; InTASC 4h.p, 4l.k, 4r.d) h. Anniversary appointment includes an informal, determinative appraisal to adviser learning. (FEAP a.1.d; FPEC 1.1, 4.1; InTASC 6a.p, 6i.k, 6k.k, 7d.k, 7l.k) I. Accommodate one pre-test/post-test (summative assessment) for the Career & College Readiness Counseling Assemblage Plan. j. Alternative than the pre-test/post-test appraisal data, what alternative abstracts will you aggregate to demonstrate whether or not this assemblage plan is effective? Accede outcome/results abstracts (see ASCA model- achievement, achievement-related, or standards/competency data). VI. Added capacity about appointment plans a. Explainhowyousequencedlessonstoensurecoherenceandconsiderationofpriorknowledge.A diagram or clear should be included to authenticate arrangement of acquaint and alignment of concepts. (FEAP a.1.b; FPEC 1.8; InTASC 2c.p, 7c.p) b. Explainhowyoudesignedinstructionforstudentstoachievemastery. A. Accommodate a remediation plan for acceptance who are not successful B. Accommodate a account apropos how your planning can advice advance students’ career development planning in the abbreviate appellation and continued term. c. Describe how you chose a argument and/or alternative counseling abstracts to abutment the FL Standards, ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA apparatus for the students. Accomplish abiding to highlight that the abstracts are on the students’ account akin and highlight that you discussed the alternative of these abstracts with alternative educational professionals. d. Describe how your acquaint will crave acceptance to authenticate at atomic four applicative abilities and competencies as categorical in the standards listed beneath (FEAP a.1.c; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 7b.p, 7i.k, 7j.k, 7q.d) A. Refer to the Florida Standards, ASCA mindsets/behaviors, and NOSCA components B. Provide a cast and aligns abilities and competencies to the appointment objectives (FEAP a.1.f; FPEC 1.3; InTASC 2a.p) e. DescribehowyouwillaccommodateESOLandESEstudents.Considerlearningstrategies, resources, and abstruse tools. (FPEC 7.2; InTASC 2e.p, 2i.k, 2o.d, 7k.k, 7n.d). Use resources from the Iris website if you charge assistance: http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/iris-resource-locator/VII. Affairs for implementing this Career Counseling Unit a.How could you use abstracts to appraise acquirements outcomes? Accede abstracts from the pretest/posttest but additionally from alternative abstracts sources. b.How could you coact with colleagues to acclimatize planning and advance the capability of these lessons? (FEAP a.1.e; FPEC 5.3; InTASC 7d.k, 7e.k, 7f.p, 7m.k, 7o.d) c.What problems could action during instruction? How could you finer accord with these problems? d.What assets would be accessible in the accomplishing of this plan? e.How can you apparatus this plan in a way to advance apprentice employability and constant learning? VIII.Reflection a.How has developing this assemblage plan added your ability of the planning process? b.How do you plan to use this acquaintance to advice you advance approaching appointment plans? c.How will you accommodated the needs of acceptance alike if they are at altered stages of controlling in terms of their career development? (e.g. some of them accept already job adumbral and accept a Alignment Cast Format Lesson/Unit Objective Standard/Competency/Component Assessment Activity Generated: 10/3/2019 Page 6 of 32 mentor, while others accept not alike advised abeyant careers) Additional capacity on commutual this appointment can be begin in the explanation below. A explanation for this appointment can be begin at the end of the syllabus. Acceptance charge accept at atomic a 70% to accept a casual grade. A apprentice who array beneath than 70% of the brand on the appointment charge complete an Individual Remediation Plan with the instructor. Failure to auspiciously remediate the appointment will aftereffect in a F (Fail) brand in the course. Assignment is due in chic on October 4, 2019

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