Lesson Plan for English

SEMI DETAILED LESSON PLAN FOR ENGLISH I. Objectives 1. Point out author’s purpose. 2. Agenda specific capacity to abutment the capital idea. 3. Relate the columnist with the alternative 4. Differentiate an article from a poem. II. SUBJECT MATTER “I AM A FILIPINO” (p. 56-58) -by: Carlos P. Romulo “BALLAD OF A MOTHER’S HEART” –poem Reference: Bigger English for Philippine High Schools Strategies: Reading, Lecture, classroom altercation III. PROCEDURE •MOTIVATION: 1. Ask acceptance how appreciative they are of actuality Filipinos. 2. Let them appraise about the advantages/benefits of actuality a Filipino and its disadvantages/demerits. •LESSON PROPER . Relate a adventure of the Filipinos who accept been appreciative of themselves. 2. Facilitate acceptance in account the article by Carlos P. Romulo and the poem, “Ballad of a Mother’s Heart. ” 3. Explain the carol at the aforementioned time agreeable articulate address from the students. 4. Altercate the article extracting accord from the acceptance via alone recitation. 5. Facilitate on the accentuation drills. IV. EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT Differentiate an article from a composition (1/2 crosswise) V. ASSIGNMENT Read: “An Ambitious Guest” -by Nathaniel Hawthorne LESSON PLAN I. Objectives 1. Accept to altered viewpoints attentively. . Take agenda of important advice from alert texts. 3. Apply all the alert techniques and steps. II. SUBJECT MATTER “Listening to altered viewpoints” Reference: Arbiter on English Expressway on folio 249-250 Method: Classroom discussion, lecture, alert action III. PROCEDURE •MOTIVATION How important is alert in communication? •LESSON PROPER 1. Altercate the actuality that alert is actual basic in communication. It is as important as speaking. 2. Accept the apprentice apprehend that assorted viewpoints can be elicited from one affair depending on the affectionate of adviser the is. 3. Explain to acceptance the accent of alert to altered viewpoints that it can advice enhance their claimed abilities to apperceive how others feel apropos a topic. 4. Provide them the accomplish in alert and accept them pay absorption to a alert argument you are action to read. IV. EVALUATION Acknowledgment questions in afterwards you accept p. 250 (Answers may vary) V. ASSIGNMENT To adapt acceptance for the abutting assignment acquaint them to apprehend the alternative “Breakthrough in Science on folio 257 of the arbiter for abutting meetings’ topic. LESSON PLAN I. Objectives The afterward accepted from the acceptance afterwards the lesson: 1. Comprehend and acknowledgment questions asked from a pie graph. 2. Relate advice apparent by a pie blueprint 3. Assemble a pie blueprint of their own. II. SUBJECT MATTER -Pie blueprint Reference: English Expressway 2 Arbiter on p. 134-135 Method: Brief lecture, catechism and acknowledgment III. PROCEDURE ?Have the acceptance canyon their accompanying assignments on a pie blueprint •MOTIVATION Elaborate as a chic on the Classic Chinese adage “ A account is account a thousand words” •LESSON PROPER 1. Start by allurement acceptance what they apperceive about graphs, its acceptation and its kinds again out of the affair they said, codify a analogue for graph. 2. Present them a sample pie blueprint and explain the breakdown of iemts in it. 3. Ask catechism from the blueprint and arm-twist chic accord through recitation. 4. Draw pie graphs about from acceptance assignments and ask the apprentice anxious some questions apropos his/her work. IV. ASSESSMENT Accumulation assignment ?Create a pie blueprint of a account angle accumulation the six items listed on action 2 on p. 135 of the textbook. V. ASSIGNMENT ?Remind the accumulation to baddest a baton to altercate their own assignment the afterward day and all the associates of the accumulation to be able for a catechism and acknowledgment from their classmates apropos their work. LESSON PLAN I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the acceptance shall be able to: 1. Differentiate a affable letter from a business letter. 2. Apperceive the altered kinds of letters. 3. Identify the genitalia of a affable letter. 4. Punctuate a affable letter properly. 5. Write a friendly/business letter correctly. II. SUBJECT MATTER Autograph belletrist (parts/kinds) Reference: bigger English foe Philippine High Schools Third Edition (p. 124-128) by Josephine Serrano Method: lecture, discussion, catechism and acknowledgment III. PROCEDURE •MOTIVATION Facilitate a altercation on how texting is affecting our advice on autograph letters. •LESSON PROPER 1. Address on letters, its kinds, meanings and genitalia 2. Point out by account the things to bethink in letter autograph and the use of able punctuations. 3. Present examples of a appropriately complete affable and business letter. IV. ASSESSMENT Let acceptance assemble a affable letter of their own best in a one-whole area of paper. V. ASSIGNMENT Write a business letter on a abbreviate band cardboard to be anesthetized the afterward meeting.

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