Lesson 1 Reflection

 How do Built-in American religions affix the animal to the divine. In best religons, the all-powerful manifests through forms that are aloft and above the earth, its plants and its animals. But in Built-in American religions, the all-powerful may be appear through the apple and its forms. Please altercate this accord with the all-powerful in built-in religion. Use specific examples from specific tribes and use capacity to abutment your accepted ideas. Remember, in religious studies, "God is in the details." Your article should be in your own words, and at atomic 250 words continued (not including quoted texts). The bigger essays are added than 250 words. College akin autograph should be grammatical, spell-checked, and organized in assorted paragraphs, with a bright addition and a absolute cessation to blanket the article as a whole. Re-read, revise, and carbon and final abstract afore appointment your essay. NOTE: Do not backpack an absolute article into a distinct paragraph. Use assorted paragraphs to anatomy and adapt your thinking. 

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