Leonardo Fibonacci Biography

Leonardo Fibonacci was built-in about 1170 A. D. , and died about 1250 A. D. He was built-in in Pisa, Italy and died there too. Leonardo’s mom was Alessandra, and she died back he was nine. His ancestor was Guglielmo Bonacci, who directed a trading column Bugia, Barbary. As a adolescent boy, Leonardo catholic there to advice him, and that’s area he abstruse about the Hindu-Arabic character system. He accustomed that addition with Hindu-Arabic numerals is simpler and added able that with Roman numerals and so he catholic throughout the Mediterranean apple to abstraction beneath the arch Arab mathematicians of the time. Leonardo alternate from his campaign about 1200 and in 1202, age 32, he appear Liber Abaci. Through the Liber Abaci he alien Hindu-Arabic numerals to Europe. Liber Abaci is a book that Leonardo Fibonacci wrote in 1202. In it Fibonacci introduces the alleged modus Indorum (method of the Indians), today accepted as the Arabic numerals. It shows the applied accent of the new character system, application filigree multiplication and Egyptian fractions, by applying it to bartering bookkeeping, about-face of weights and measures, the adding of interest, money-changing, and alternative applications. Liber Abaci additionally posed, and solved, a botheration involving the advance of a academic citizenry of rabbits based on arcadian assumptions. The solution, bearing by generation, was a arrangement of numbers afterwards accepted as the Fibonacci numbers. In the Fibonacci arrangement of numbers, anniversary cardinal afterwards the aboriginal two, is the sum of the antecedent two numbers. The arrangement is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, etc. The college the sequence, the afterpiece two after numbers of the arrangement disconnected by anniversary alternative will access the aureate arrangement ( about 1 : 1. 618 or 0. 618 : 1). Leonardo became a bedfellow of the Emperor Frederick II, who enjoyed mathematicians and science. In 1240 the Republic of Pisa accustomed Leonardo by acceding him a salary. In the 19th century, a bronze of Fibonacci was complete and erected in Pisa. Today it is amid in the western arcade of the Camposanto, which is a cemetery on the Piazza dei Miracoli.

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