Legal Liability and the Gig Economy

Uber is abundantly hailed as the appearance of the gig economy, which is the abstraction that bodies do not assignment as abiding advisers for one employer but instead assignment in a activity bazaar characterized by concise affairs or freelance work. While creating a new blazon of entrepreneurship for individuals, a gig abridgement raises a host of new acknowledged questions about the law of bureau for companies utilizing gig workers. Your bang-up at an advance close has asked you to appraise Uber’s acknowledged acknowledgment for the conduct of its drivers, accustomed the advice beneath and identify, and to explain the law and acknowledged accountability in this all-inclusive new gig abridgement world. Write a 3 folio interoffice announcement in which you do the following: Summarize the capital attempt of bureau law as they chronicle to Uber's accord with its drivers. Analyze the affairs beneath which Uber ability be accountable for the conduct of a disciplinarian who, while intoxicated, acquired an blow involving claimed acreage accident and actual injury. Analyze the accomplish Uber can take, if any, to absolute its acknowledged acknowledgment due to the conduct of it's drivers. Include at atomic three affection references. Note: Wikipedia and agnate websites do not calculation as affection references. See adapter for guide 

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