Legal Foundations of Health Care

   ******US ENGLISH, CORRECT ENGLISH FORMATTING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE ********NO PLAGIARISM, SAFE ASSIGN USED****** Textbook: Pozgar, G. D. (2016). Acknowledged aspects of bloom affliction administering (12th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Discussion  A accommodating is convalescent from anaplasty in the hospital. The doctor has assigned a claret thinner for the accommodating afterwards anaplasty to abate the achievability of claret clots. The assistant reads the orders and goes to the pharmacy to ample the order. The pharmacy reads the adjustment and fills it with the cast and dosage of claret thinner. The assistant administers it to the accommodating as required.   What has happened, however, is that the pharmacist affective an about analogously labeled canteen of the drug. The canteen he dispensed was a college absorption of the aforementioned drug. The alone aberration on the canteen is the tiny allotment cardinal in the basal larboard duke corner; otherwise, the bottles are identical. The accommodating receives the amiss dosage and after dies.   Do you accept that the pharmacist should be answerable with bent negligence? Why, or why not? Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you will be creating three scenarios of your own that are agnate to the ones discussed in the assemblage lesson. These scenarios can be fabricated up, absolute stories, or a aggregate of the two. Each book should abide of at atomic 200 words and should appropriately reflect the actual discussed aural this unit. Your aboriginal book should administer the elements of apathy and able apathy (malpractice) to a accommodating affirmation adjoin a healthcare provider. In alternative words, your book should call a bearings in which a healthcare provider was behindhand or committed abuse adjoin a patient. Be abiding to appropriately detail the accident and how it was resolved. Your additional book should call an advised abomination that was committed aural the healthcare environment. Also, the book should explain a acknowledged antidote that the victim of the advised abomination could pursue. Your third book should call an instance in which a patient’s rights may accept been abandoned by a healthcare provider. Also, the book should explain the albatross that healthcare providers accept to assure their patients from harm. Please accommodate all three scenarios aural one document

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