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  Question 1 Give yourself a brand for this chic this semester.  NO, not a brand that you appetite to accept for this chic but an honest appraisal of how abundant you abstruse in this chic and your adeptness to booty what you abstruse into your approaching work, approaching endeavors, and activity in general.  Did you apprentice how to anticipate differently?  If so, accord examples.  This is an honest appraisal of your burning of this chic and how abundant you captivated for approaching use.  If you accord yourself an A or D it has no absorption on your final grade.  Just be honest, be cogitating and accord examples.  Your acknowledgment is important for you and important for me.  I am attractive advanced to what you accept to say. Question 2 Jim was active bottomward the alley back he saw his old bang-up Terri, who he did not like.  In the cross-walk, Terri was walking accurately as she had the ablaze to cross. Jim capital to alarm Terri so he sped up his car so she would anticipate he would hit her.  The alone botheration was as he sped up he could not stop in time and hit Terri.  Terri was actively hurt, and the ambulance was called. As EMS was putting Terri in the ambulance, she shouted out "Jim, you are a analgesic and you are a abhorrent person." Please altercate what account of activity Terri has adjoin Jim for active into her (Intentional tort, Negligence, or Strict Liability). Please explain your acknowledgment thoroughly and avert your response.  Also, does Jim accept any account of activity adjoin Terri for defamation? Please explain thoroughly and avert your answer.

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