Learning to Read and Write

Alana Roberts Commodity I February 26th, 2013 “Learning to Apprehend and Write” by Fredrick Douglas is a adventure about a bondservant breaking the chains of benightedness by acquirements to apprehend and write. During the advance of 7 years Douglas carefully teaches himself to apprehend and address by agency of burglary newspapers, trading aliment with poor white boys for ability and books, as able-bodied as artful his master’s handwriting. Douglas acquirements to apprehend gave him acute acquaintance of his activity as he says “…I would at times feel that acquirements to apprehend had been a anathema rather than a blessing. It had accustomed me a appearance of my abject condition, after the remedy” (Page 168-169). With his new alertness he suffered with abasement abominable his adolescent disciplinarian for their “stupidity. ” But, like a accurate underdog, Douglas perseveres and through achievement he escapes to the abandon of the North. There’s a adduce by Harriet Tubman “I freed a thousand slaves, and could accept freed a thousand added if they had accepted they were slaves. ” Throughout the commodity Douglas evaluates his bondservant master’s ignorance, his adolescent disciplinarian ignorance, and best chiefly his own. The analogue of a bondservant is “a actuality accurately endemic by addition and accepting no abandon of activity or appropriate to property”. Addition analogue says bondservant agency “a actuality beneath the ascendancy of addition actuality or some addiction or influence. ” Douglas finds affidavit of the awry credo that is bullwork through the book “The Colombian Orator. ” The book validates Douglas’s acceptance of animal rights and gave him ammo to use adjoin slaveholders who anticipation otherwise. The bind in him acquirements this anecdotic advice is his disability to amount a way out of slavery. Douglas writes “It was this abiding cerebration of my activity that addled me…I saw annihilation after seeing it, I heard annihilation after audition it” (Page 169). White bondservant owners fabricated it actionable for disciplinarian to apprehend and write, this benightedness kept them in a accompaniment of limbo which chock-full their evolution. After the accommodation to appraise their situation, they did not change their bearings and backward in this caster of abuse and exploitation. Benightedness additionally befalls on the oppressors. Douglas sheds ablaze on how bondservant owners prayed to Christ, went to abbey every Sunday and yet abject bodies to the apical amount and punished them for reading. Southerners generally justified bullwork by adage they were bringing Christianity to slaves. Christianity is a adoration based on adulation and benevolence for your adolescent man. Since the Europeans did not accept the Africans were aces to be in the aforementioned animal class as them they dehumanized them apropos them to animals. Although the bible says “we charge never amusement any allotment of God's conception with contempt. When we do, we are alongside alleviative our Creator with contempt. ” If they did not accept disciplinarian were aces to be advised as God’s conception again why did they advance their adoration on them? The acknowledgment is to accumulate them controlled and confused. Europeans bare Africans of their traditions starting with their name, this in some amount fabricated Africans like bare canvases accessible to be corrective anew. Christianity gave disciplinarian achievement that one day their bearings will change if they prayed adamantine abundant and accept by Christ words. It additionally gave them a cast new eyes of what God should attending like. White is good, Black is bad. In the Christian bible they saw Jesus as a white man so in about-face they could accept accompanying the advantage of Christ to the “goodness” of their masters. Some disciplinarian alike argued about whose adept was added kind. I assumption this is what Douglas was apropos to back he alleged his adolescent disciplinarian “stupid”. I chronicle the South hypocritical acceptance arrangement to that of the Catholic Abbey during Medieval Times. The abbey bedeviled everyone’s lives application abhorrence as a agency of accepting whatever they capital from its believers. From a actual aboriginal age, the bodies were accomplished that the alone way they could get to Heaven was if the Roman Catholic Abbey accustomed them. Just like disciplinarian of America abounding bodies could not apprehend or address which kept the priests in power. Peasants formed for chargeless on the abbey acreage to pay their assessment or to not accept the accountability of absolute damnation. The affectation of Christians of the South exemplifies his bedmate who he declared afore as “Having aliment for the hungry, clothes for the naked, and abundance for every mourner that came aural her reach” (Page 167). Beneath the access of bullwork the angelical woman he knew angry into that of a demon in her acquisition to prove her ahead over him. With praying to white Jesus not working, Douglas expresses a accessible ancillary back talking about advertent suicide. “I generally begin myself regretting my own existence, and adulatory myself dead; and but for achievement of actuality free, I accept no agnosticism but that I should accept dead myself…” (Page 169). To adverse this activity of abasement he birthed a new objective, acquisition the acceptation of the chat abolishment and how it accompanying to himself. Douglas speaks on his benightedness as he writes “ It was consistently acclimated in such access as to accomplish it an absorbing chat to me…I begin it was “the act of abolishing”; but again I did not apperceive what was to be abolished. Here I was perplexed. ” I acquisition it humorously acrid that he is a prime archetype of what a abolitionist is and activity to become but there was a point in time were he didn’t admit what the chat meant. Application ambience clues Douglas acquaint the accurate acceptation of abolishment back account an commodity on abolishment of bullwork in the District of Columbia. In cessation Fredrick Douglas’s “Learning to Apprehend and Write” maturely examines the apple in which he lived in. Though Douglas was a bondservant physically he was never a bondservant mentally. He analyzes and challenges the barometer in his adventure for freedom; and because of Douglas’s appetite for ability he escapes the chains of ignorance. Douglas additionally credibility out that acquirements doesn’t accomplish the man chargeless but it is how you use this ability to access freedom. In our day and age we booty for accepted things like owning a book, activity to school, alike the simple assumption of actuality who we appetite to be. Douglas is a hero to Black Americans as able-bodied as bodies who accept ability is power. Work Cited Acquirements to Apprehend and Address by Fredrick Douglas The Brief McGraw-Hill Reader http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/narrative/themes. html Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass http://www. historylearningsite. co. uk/medieval_church. htm The Medieval Abbey http://www. goodreads. com/author/quotes/18943. 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