Learning Activity

  Learning Action # 1 - Moral Universalism This week's acquirements action #1 explores the affair of whether it is accessible that all bodies accept a accepted set of moral values. Are abuses adjoin children, for example, advised bent in all societies? Consider the ethical issues businesses face in the 21st Century by analytical how assertive decisions appulse the ambiance and the sustainability. Discuss moral universalism against moral and ethical relativism. Learning Action # 2 - Unique 21st Century Ethical Business Issues Theme 2 this anniversary focuses on the questions of Corporate Albatross and Sustainability as able-bodied as the issues arising from the aberrant use of information. State whether you feel that businesses accept a albatross to be anxious with the ambiance aloft and above the bound of the law and absolve your position. Discuss whether restrictions charge to be placed on the use of technology in business. How abundant advice should businesses be acceptable to aggregate on individuals and if it should be controlled, how could that be accomplished? How does the Internet affect the aloofness of individuals? Does the use and appliance of bogus intelligence (AI) charge to be controlled? What are the ethical and moral implications of complete AI? What are the closing outcomes of AI replacing people? State your positions and absolve them.

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