Learning Activity 3

   Background to the assignment: In Chapter 17 you apprehend about the development of the university and assorted expressions of entertainment, such as in abstract and several styles of beheld and assuming arts. These forms of announcement included the literary, beheld and performative representation of ethics and annual of the ability in Europe at the time. The university provided Western Ability with anew broadcast angle of Science and Liberal Arts, including aesthetics and theology. These developments had an access on the administration that the ability was headed.  Literary- could be announced or accounting annual of affiliated events; story. Visual- (paintings, sculptures, textiles, architecture) Performing Arts- (dance, film, music, theatre, achievement art).  Description of the assignment: In America and Western Ability today, how do the areas of apprenticeship (university) and our forms of ball (literary, visual, assuming arts) affect the development of ethics and annual of Western Culture. Please accord examples and specific areas as able-bodied as how they affect Western Culture. Your address charge announce that you accept an compassionate of this influence. If you accommodate sources, adduce them in accepted APA format. This appointment charge be 250–300 words and charge accommodate the chat calculation in parentheses. Submit a abstract of your Learning Activity to SafeAssign for acknowledgment a few canicule afore the appointment is due.

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