Leadership week 10 Chapter 12

Read Chapter 12 1. What are three questions you should ask yourself back you activate your job search? 2. What are the best accepted mistakes bodies accomplish in advancing their résumés?  3. What should you apperceive about your -to-be employer afore the job interview? 4. What should the interviewee try to accomplish during a job interview? What should you attending for? What red flags should you watch for?  5. What can you do in beforehand to adapt for the changes during the aboriginal year of employment?  6. Create your own SWOT analysis. How would you acknowledge to your claimed strengths and weaknesses if you were a -to-be employer? How can you enhance your strengths and advance in areas of weakness?  7. Draw a career aisle for yourself, alpha with the present year and extending to the age of retirement. Be abiding to accommodate any “twists and turns” of the aisle you apprehend to acquaintance forth the way and any barriers you apprehend to encounter. How will you handle these experiences?  Do an online civic chase for advice about accepted job affairs in nursing.Compare opportunities in assorted regions of the country. Why do you anticipate these opportunities are the aforementioned or different?  5. Develop a account of questions that you should ask a abeyant employer. What “homework” will you charge to do to adapt for an interview?  APA appearance including in argument citations and references Plagiarism FREE

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