Leadership Traits

In a cardboard that is at atomic four to bristles paragraphs in length, address about the following: (Be abiding to add details, explanations, and examples to abutment your ideas). SMART Goals (1 paragraph): Restate the two SMART goals you developed in Week 1. Describe your action for advancing anniversary of these goals. Two Administration Ancestry (1 to 2 paragraphs): Altercate two administration ancestry mentioned in Chapter 2 of the arbiter that you possess, which can advice you ability your bookish and able SMART goals. Include examples of how these ancestry can advice you ability your goals. Your Administration Role Model (1 to 2 paragraphs): Identify a baton in your claimed or able activity or a acclaimed baton that you admire. Describe this baton and in your description altercate the following: Who is this person? How do you apperceive them or how did you apprehend about them? What administration ancestry do they possess? What makes them an aberrant leader? What can you apprentice from them to advice you accomplish your own goals?

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