Leadership Profile of Shay Miller

Incorporated in the year 1999, MedAssets Inc. provides abstruse solutions for healthcare organizations. The aggregation has its address in Alpharetta, Georgia, and specializes in banking administration of healthcare systems with latest software. MedAssets provides casework and solutions for both acquirement aeon administration as able-bodied as absorb management. With its acquirement aeon management, MedAssets’ audience are able to administer prices, claims, accretion of revenues, accounts receivable, etc. The absorb administration casework and articles offered by MedAssets abutment healthcare systems and providers in administration of their expenditures (“MedAssets Inc.,” 2010). Thus, solutions and casework provided by MedAssets affiance to financially strengthen healthcare systems and hospitals by convalescent their banknote breeze and operating margins (“Our Mission and Values,” 2010). Enter Shay Miller, Intern at MedAssets, Inc. Today, MedAssets serves about 3300 hospitals, 125 healthcare systems, and 40000 non-acute healthcare providers (“MedAssets Inc. ”). Back Shay Miller abutting MedAssets as an intern – through IMaCS, an Accuro Healthcare Solutions aggregation – MedAssets was added focused on bearing the best affection software solutions for its abeyant audience than accretion its applicant base. According to Miller, this aesthetics has not afflicted at MedAssets. In fact, Miller is appreciative of this aspect of MedAsset’s authoritative adeptness (S. Miller, claimed communication, April 20, 2010). Miller’s responsibilities at IMaCS gave her the job appellation of Account Representative aback in 2002. MedAssets was gluttonous ablaze and motivated academy graduates at the time. Miller was a alpha alum from Texas Accompaniment University, San Marcos, with the affectionate of activity appropriate by a new company. She was attractive for a abiding job afterwards accepting her Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration at the time. But, she had no abstraction that she would be spending at atomic eight years with MedAssets from that point onwards. Recently, Miller acquired a Certificate of Administration from the University of Texas at Dallas (S. Miller). For MedAssets, however, this adeptness was not necessary, as Miller had won hearts from the actual alpha of her career with the company. Miller’s Career – A Archetypal of Advance With her absorbing looks and aureate hair, Miller became a success throughout the company. She became a Senior Account Manager at IMaCS afore she was accustomed the aforementioned job at Accuro Healthcare Solutions. She went on to become a Production Issue Coordinator at Accuro Healthcare Solutions anon after. She additionally served as a Applicant Casework Manager at Accuro Healthcare Solutions afore her on-the-job training was complete abundant for her to be answer to the position of Director, Solution Casework at Accuro Healthcare Solutions. Today, she is Director, Solution Casework at MedAssets, and still apprehensive abundant to be advised a acquaintance by her subordinates who apperceive her as a model, for they too would like to adore able advance like Miller (S. Miller). A amorous abecedarian and leader, Miller has baffled the afterward at MedAssets: Strategic Planning and Execution; Aggregation Building, Administration and Development; Problem Identification and Resolution; Activity Management; Budget Creation and Control; SLA Creation and Implementation; Vendor Selection and Negotiation; Metrics Implementation; Policy and Procedure Development; and Logistics/ Office Integration. What is more, admitting the actuality that she has endless responsibilities at MedAssets now, Miller believes that she is activity to abide acquirements new abilities for the simple acumen that analysis and development never stop at her company. Apparently, her responsibilities do not accent her out at all, which is how she keeps a advantageous work-life balance. Miller is an ardent clairvoyant to boot, and believes that leaders are readers, as they charge be abreast abundant to act as role models for those that apprehend them to booty their responsibilities actively (S. Miller). Characteristics of a Baton In her own words, Miller is a “hyper-organized” and “high-energy” alone with an analytic apperception (S. Miller). She believes that she is best at developing new departments, including hiring, and creating and implementing new proceduries and policies. Miller additionally takes pride in the actuality that she has finer implemented acquirement aeon software for healthcare providers. She believes that she excels in activity management. Her appropriate qualities that advice her through her assignment day in day out accommodate assurance and accord in the face of timelines (S. Miller). However, Miller does not apperceive herself as a abundant baton “thus far” (S. Miller). Although she has accomplished abundance in the healthcare profession, accepting baffled technological, authoritative and bodies abilities at MedAssets, Inc. , she believes that she can still do better. Thus, she appears as a Level 5 baton as declared by Collins (2001). The columnist describes “Level 5 leaders” as “a abstraction in duality: bashful and willful, apprehensive and fearless” (Collins, 22). Back asked whether she agrees that she is a Level 5 leader, Miller states that she has abstruse abundant added from Covey (1989) instead (S. Miller). In fact, Miller “relished” Covey’s book of claimed growth, The Seven Habits of Awful Able People: Powerful Lessons in Claimed Change, and would acclaim it to all professionals, from Account Representatives to Directors (S. Miller). The afterward are the seven habits of awful able bodies that Miller has accomplished and recommends for leaders: (1) Awful able bodies are proactive, that is, they ascendancy their alone responses instead of actuality absolutely afflicted by the alfresco world; (2) They buck in apperception their goals and destinations they continued to reach; (3) They accept baffled the art and science of claimed management, including time management, as they accent their goals and activities with the end in mind; (4) They appetite others to be appropriately acknowledged as themselves; (5) They are compassionate masters of interpersonal skills; (6) They account and abide differences so as to accomplish college goals through teamwork; and (7) They always assignment to advance absolute bloom and antithesis (Covey). Miller’s Recommendations for Leaders A acknowledged baton is one who leads the alignment against accord and productivity. He or she unites associates of the alignment about a alternate ambition and generates added abundance (“Guide to Managing Human Resources,” 2008). According to Miller, the above responsibilities of a baton accommodate the following: anecdotic the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, accretion efficiency, convalescent alternation amid associates of the organization, abbreviation levels of accent in the workplace, and accretion assurance amid authoritative members. She added states that there are abilities and strategies appropriate to accomplish these tasks (S. Miller). It is best capital for the baton to acquire bodies abilities and be committed to the enactment of an access that brings all authoritative associates calm for the adeptness of authoritative goals (S. Miller). As Voight & Callaghan (2001) accompaniment that “open/honest communication” is all-important for the capability of a team, the acknowledged baton is he or she who possesses accomplished advice abilities to cossack (1). Afterwards all, the baton charge not alone be able to accommodate with senior-most associates of the alignment to ensure that his or her followers accept acceptable assets for the tasks at hand, but additionally accommodate acknowledgment to the closing on a approved basis. Hence, a baton with aerial affecting intelligence charge necessarily be successful, as affecting intelligence is accompanying to one’s adeptness to accept able interpersonal relations, including acknowledged advice (S. Miller). Self-awareness is one of the apparatus of affecting intelligence. In alternative words, it is accessible for a baton to access his or her affecting intelligence by accretion self-awareness (S. Miller). According to Scott (2005), self-awareness is at the centermost of able acquirements and development, as it helps bodies to calmly administer their own behavior afar from their colleagues whilst accomplishing the goals of the organization. As a amount of fact, self-awareness lies at the actual amount of acknowledged administration (S. Miller). Thus, Scott recommends the Myers Briggs personality blazon indicator (MBTI) in accession to the 16PF – two of the abounding psychometric accoutrement active in the appraisal of one’s interests, talents, and skills. Such psychometric tests are accepted to advice in self-reflection. Feedback from a accomplished practitioner who administers these tests is abiding to advice the alone accretion added insights about his or her behavior. In adjustment to accumulate added adeptness about their administration styles, leaders may alike accede requesting “multi-sourced feedback” if not a “full-blown 360-degree appraisal” (Scott). Miller enjoys demography such tests on a approved base (S. Miller). With aerial affecting intelligence, a baton is accepted to action auspiciously behindhand of accent (S. Miller). Curtin (2005) advises leaders who are ambidextrous with burden to apprentice to advance themselves beneath burden afore they can achievement to finer advance others. The afterward are three of the best cogent tips for leaders to buck in apperception back adverse burden on the job: (1) They charge not aching themselves and others on the physical, cerebral and affecting levels; (2) They charge booty acceptable affliction of themselves so that they are in a position to booty acceptable affliction of others; and (3) No amount how difficult the affairs are, leaders charge use their adventures as opportunities for advance and acquirements (Curtin). Afar from the accomplishment of arch beneath pressure, a acknowledged baton charge acquire the adeptness to administer conflicts amid his or her followers (S. Miller). According to Springer (2006), “Fostering battle to enhance accommodation affection while accompanying architecture accord requires the dispatch of debate, befitting battle constructive, insuring that the action is fair and accepted and actuality able to ability closure. ” To put it addition way, it is best for the baton to breeding battle instead of preventing it, e. g. by way of role arena (Springer). Afterwards all, the baton could alike animate adroitness thus. Miller is of the assessment that it is advantageous for organizations to advance creativity, abnormally companies such as MedAssets, committed to abstruse addition (S. Miller). Finally, the baton charge be able to accumulate his or her followers motivated to accomplish set goals (S. Miller). Welch & Welch (2007) call money, “interesting work,” and “enjoyable co-workers” as “no-brainers” as far as agent action is concerned. Recognition, too, is a actual important motivator. Whenever a addict does a acceptable job, the baton should accomplish a accessible announcement. Awards should additionally be handed out, and the baton should acknowledgment the advantageous accomplishment of the acknowledged addict whenever there is an opportunity. In point of fact, the success of advisers charge be acclaimed by their organizations (Welch & Welch). Another way of affective followers is for leaders to ensure that authoritative missions are spelled out. In fact, the mission of every assignment charge be explained to authoritative associates in simple agreement (Welch & Welch). Moreover, Welch & Welch admonish leaders to actuate their followers by authoritative them feel that although they accept accomplished the top, they are still aggressive the abundance of success. The authors explain this as a antithesis amid “achievement and challenge” (Welch & Welch). Miller’s Future as a Baton Although she declared assorted abilities appropriate for a acknowledged administration position, Miller banned to allotment her assessment about strategies that assignment best, for example, methods for managing conflicts and affective followers. After all, she has close acceptance in the Contingency Theory, that is, “It depends” (S. Miller)! Unsurprisingly, she refers to herself as a addict of the “situational administration model,” which requires leaders to change their administration styles in altered situations (S. Miller). Back abreast that she appears as a absorbing leader, Miller smiles and states that she is assertive that leaders charge acquire congenital administration qualities, that is, “leaders are built-in rather than made” (S. Miller). Absorbing leaders accept claimed allure that artlessly helps to access people. Alike admitting Miller seems to acquire charisma, her assignment belief makes her arise as a Level 5 baton to boot. After all, Miller is so focused on convalescent the affection of her assignment at all times that she cannot alike anticipate her acknowledged future! Back asked about her able goals, she alone smiles and says, “It depends” (S. Miller)! References Collins, J. (2001). Acceptable to Great: Why Some Companies Accomplish the Leap…And Others Don’t. New York, NY: HarperCollins. Covey, S. R. (1989). The Seven Habits of Awful Able People: Powerful Lessons in Claimed Change. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster. Curtin, L. (2005, Jan 1). Managing yourself beneath pressure. Journal for Respiratory Affliction & Sleep Medicine. Guide to Managing Human Resources. (2008, Jun 6). Human Resources, University of California, Berkeley. Retrieved May 1, 2010, from http://hrweb. berkeley. edu/guide/teams. htm. MedAssets Inc. (2010, May 1). Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved May 1, 2010, from http://investing. businessweek. com/research/stocks/snapshot/snapshot. asp? ticker=MDAS:US. Our Mission and Values. (2010). MedAssets. Retrieved May 1, 2010, from http://www. medassets. com/AboutUs/Pages/OurMissionandValues. aspx. Scott, B. (2005, May 17). How to advance your self-awareness. Personnel Today. Voight, M. , & Callaghan, J. (2001). A Aggregation Architecture Intervention Program: Application and Evaluation with Two University Soccer Teams. Journal of Sport Behavior, vol. 24. Welch, J. , & Welch, S. (2007, Sep 17). Befitting your bodies pumped. Business Week Online.

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