Situation: you are a analysis baton who needs a new position in your analysis to aggrandize a growing and able new band of sports equipment. You accept already approved that the new band will aftermath a profit, but there is still agnosticism by the CEO to accomplish to the new position. Your boss, the operations officer, has directed you to address a one-page announcement to the CEO requesting the new position. In your memo, your bang-up has appropriate you focus on the advantage of the new sports accessories line, how the position could added aggrandize the new band and added access profit, how you would advance this being (you can get artistic with this aspect) and the accident to the association is basal as axiomatic of the projected profitability. Ensure you chase the suggestions for autograph an able announcement begin in the Able Autograph for Business readings (found on Blackboard). Submit your accommodation announcement application the articulation provided in the Lesson Folder. APA architecture is not acclimated for this assignment. Please column your accommodation announcement to this link.  

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