Leader of the past and his challenges

ASSIGNMENT: A final activity is a BOOK absorption for a adventures of a multicultural leader. The acceptance are appropriate to READ a adventures of the baton FROM THE PAST and acknowledgment the afterward questions in an all-encompassing format:  - Why did you accept this baton for your report? - What are the leader’s capital accomplishments? - What are the leader’s capital challenges? - Describe in detail a ‘Hero’s Journey’ for the leader. Include all stages. Who are the capital characters, that helped the baton on his journey? How accurately did they admonition him? - If you were built-in as that baton in his or her time, what would you do abnormally in his/her life?  - What are the capital three ancestry that you can acclimate from this leader? What accomplish do you charge to booty to acclimate to these characteristics? Create a cardinal plan with objectives, tasks, timeline, and adapted outcomes. - If there was one admonition you could accord to that baton from what you apperceive today, what would it be?  OUTCOME: a accounting address (2,500 words) 

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