reply to these comments with 60-70 words. no grammar mistakes please.  covers affiliate 7 from the book not in our genes. 1-"This affiliate discussed how association about assumes that all mentally bloom issues and things like schizophrenia or ADHD are biologically determined, and there is a addiction to artlessly appoint some array of analysis or medication to advice these bodies become "normal".  I begin it absorbing how the biological determinist point of appearance claims that these differences are artlessly biological, yet they paradoxically try and change them through medical intervention.  The portions of the affiliate that talked about ADHD were additionally interesting, because they discussed how almost abortive ADHD medication absolutely is, and how the bald abstraction of alleviative bodies with ADHD is absolutely aloof victim blaming and is done abundantly to account agents in classrooms.  I additionally anticipation it was absorbing aback the affiliate discussed how we appearance ADHD as a botheration alone in classroom settings.  This is article I had never absolutely anticipation about, but attractive back, I accept alone absolutely apparent ADHD discussed in agreement of disruptions in school".   2-" Personally I accept not been afflicted by ADHD, which this affiliate puts a lot of focus on, but I accept dealt with brainy issues like depression. I anticipate in avant-garde association our absorption spans accept beneath due to the connected breeze of advice we are consistently accepting from the apple about us. It's sad that we chose to aloof alleviate bodies that attempt to pay absorption abnormally accouchement instead of aggravating to change our compassionate of what they need. Similar to how in the accomplished patients would be accustomed academician anaplasty to "fix" them now were alleviative bodies to "fix" them. I won't abjure anesthetic helps best bodies but I don't anticipate it's the acknowledgment for everyone. "

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