Law assignment

   Should a abode be accustomed to accountable an agent to antidotal activity (including discharge) if the agent does not acknowledgment to assignment because that agent believes they may acquire a college accident of astringent affliction due to acknowledgment to Covid-19 infection?  If so, should this administer to all advisers who accept that acceptance or should there be some basal altitude (including age) for exempting alone advisers who accommodated assertive belief that would accountable them to a college accident of affliction from Covid-19 exposure? Discuss all applicative options and sides.   (Remember this is a law advance so you charge accompany the law (especially the accepted law) into your cardboard (this may absorb statutes, authoritative rules, cloister cases, etc.)  You should accompany in aboriginal acknowledged sources if applicable.  This is a law class, so I do not aloof appetite your opinion.  As this is a developing problem, you should additionally accompany in any accepted or awaiting laws (states or federal, etc.) and accessible challenges to these laws into your paper. 

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