1. Bruce paints reproductions and sells them from his abode on weekends and Wednesday evenings.  One Sunday Sylvana visits his flat and admires a painting of a boutonniere of bushflowers.  The amount tag indicates it is for auction for $500.00.  Sylvana offers $400.00 for it but Bruce says that he could not acquire beneath than $425.00 because this would awning his costs and acquiesce a baby profit. 

Sylvana indicates that would be a acceptable amount but asks Bruce to authority the painting so her bedmate could additionally attending at it and accept her decision.  However, Sylvana credibility out that the ancient her bedmate could do so would be the abutting Saturday.  Bruce said that would be accomplished and gave Sylvana a anatomy that read:

  • Bruce agrees to advertise to Sylvana one affected agitate reproduction of boutonniere of bushflowers for $425.00.  This action charcoal for 7 canicule alone from the date hereof.
  • Signed: Bruce. (14 February).

The afterward Wednesday, 17 February, Salomon, an art enthusiast, visited Bruce’s flat and was actual afflicted by the painting of a boutonniere of bushflowers.  After haggling over the amount and cogent Bruce that it was a arrangement for the affection of the work, he bought the painting for $500.00 and took it abroad with him.

The afterward morning Bruce phoned Sylvana and larboard a bulletin on her answering apparatus adage that the painting had been awash for $500.00.  What Bruce did not apperceive was that Sylvana’s answering apparatus stops recording afterwards 15 abnormal by which time Bruce had alone accustomed his name, buzz cardinal and that he was calling about a painting she capital to buy.  Sylvana did not acknowledgment the call.

Meanwhile, Sylvana’s bedmate anticipation the painting articulate first- amount from her description of it.  He told Sylvana to be absolute and aloof buy it.  Sylvana eventually acquaint a letter on Friday 19 February formally accepting the offer.  The letter arrives at Bruce’s abode on the afterward Tuesday morning.

Advise Bruce as to whether he is accountable for aperture of contract.

  1. Bulldog Ltd is an English biologic aggregation which adjourned to accomplish a flu vaccine developed in Australia by Oibota Ltd. It has had all-encompassing affairs with the Australian company. A abstract licence arrangement was able beneath which Oibota Ltd accustomed Bulldog Ltd to accomplish the vaccine for auction in the United Kingdom. The licence was for 10 years and provided for assertive minimum levels of acquittal and added royalties based on the abundance of the vaccine sold. 

On 1 June Oibota Ltd active a archetype of the abstract contract. It again acquaint it to Bulldog Ltd in England for its signature. On 14 June Oibota Ltd became anxious that it had not accustomed a archetype of the arrangement aback from Bulldog Ltd. It telephoned Bulldog Ltd which said over the blast that it had active the arrangement and acquaint it that day. On 19 June Bulldog Ltd telephoned Oibota allurement for the appropriate to administer the vaccine through the accomplished of Europe, not aloof in the United Kingdom. Oibota banned because the administration rights in Europe had already been accepted to a German company. 

On 20 June Oibota Ltd accustomed an e-mail from Bulldog Ltd cancelling the contract. Bulldog Ltd in the e-mail explained that its new action was alone to aftermath pharmaceuticals which it could administer through the accomplished of Europe. On 22 June Oibota Ltd accustomed the active archetype of the arrangement which Bulldog Ltd had acquaint on 15 June. 

(a) Is there a contract? 

(b) Which acknowledged arrangement would accept administration over the dispute?

  1. Peter is absorbed in affairs aboriginal art and contacted Martin, the art collector, who awash him a painting.  Martin has declared it as a painting done by a acclaimed bounded Nunga aboriginal artist. 

A anniversary later, Peter buys the painting for $5,000 after added consultation. He after discovers that it is in actuality a affected which has been done by a bounded non-indigenous artist, which is account appreciably beneath than what he has paid for it.   

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