Lasa 1: Business Unit Analysis

Directions: Actualize a Feasibility Study for Harley-Davidson application the afterward outline: Part I: Adverse Strategies The assay of accepted action and adversary assay you conducted aftermost bore afflicted the chief carnality president. She now needs you to burrow into the brands and assay them by administering a business assemblage assay and presenting your allegation in a three-part PowerPoint presentation. Research the Harley-Davidson (H-D) Web armpit for anniversary brand, and assay the anniversary address for accordant capacity of the size, scope, ambition market, casework and amenities, and alternative arresting credibility of differentiation. Accommodate these capacity in Part I of your PowerPoint presentation. From the assay and assay of the business units, identify:   A description of anniversary cast that provides a bright       picture of the cast and its abode in the all-embracing portfolio of       Harley-Davidson. The ambition bazaar of anniversary brand. How the brands are akin and how they differ. A basic assay of any gaps that abide in the portfolio that ability advance to opportunities to add to the brands. Your assay of accessible merger/acquisition/joint adventure possibilities and what would be able or able through the merger/acquisition/joint venture. Part II: SWOT Analysis Perform a SWOT assay for Harley-Davidson and accommodate this advice in Part II of your PowerPoint presentation. Based on the centralized analyses of the SWOT analysis, appraise the anatomic areas, resources, capabilities, and strengths H-D possesses. Please be abiding to awning the afterward anatomic areas in your assessment: Marketing: New artefact development, chip business planning, business communications, and architecture chump loyalty. Operations: Quality, service, and constant execution. Human Resources: Hiring, training, developing talent, and achievement planning. Avoided lawsuits and bad PR due to its hiring practices. Is ethical in its HR practices. Executive Leadership: Industry ability and experience, eyes about         where the industry is heading, and action execution. Supply Alternation Optimization: Cardinal sourcing of input, bell-ringer management,         integrated IS, and collective forecasting with suppliers. Corporate Responsibility and Ethics: Concern for accumulated citizenship and the         environment. Present any abeyant ethical apropos as well. Safety and Quality: How the motorcycle industry is ambidextrous with assurance         and affection issues. Part III: Advance and Advantage Strategies In addition, the controlling lath is absorbed in your account about adventurous strategies for the future. The strategies you acclaim will accept to accord to advance and profitability, as categorical in the Anniversary Report. You will appetite to pay appropriate absorption to exploring vertical integration, cardinal alliances, and the centralized advance of new brands entering new geographic markets, and/or added acquisitions. Consider the following:  Is Harley-Davidson, Inc., (H-D) aggressive in the appropriate businesses, accustomed the opportunities and threats present in the alien environment? If not, how can H-D realign its about-face action to accomplish a aggressive advantage? This may accommodate added about-face to booty advantage of opportunities such as added vertical integration. Is the association managing its portfolio in a way that creates synergy amid its businesses? If so, what added businesses should it accede abacus to its portfolio? After you accept advised the advance and advantage strategies, actualize a account of accessible strategies to present a abounding ambit of ideas. Part III of your presentation should accommodate your complete account all abeyant account for the chief carnality president. This is your adventitious to be creative. Next, rank your account from best to worst. To do this, accumulate in apperception several things such as fit with accepted strategy, assets and capabilities, and adversity of execution. For anniversary of your top bristles ideas, add the following: Briefly call the strategy. Why you best it as one of the top five. Think about such things as:  Does the action body on accepted competencies and advance accumbent relationships amid brands? In alternative words, what can be leveraged or shared? What are the pros and cons of this strategy? Your PowerPoint Feasibility Study presentation will additionally accommodate slides pertaining to the afterward assessments:  Part I: Identification of size, scope, ambition market, services, amenities, and       points of differentiation. Part II: SWOT assay that includes marketing, operations, animal resources,       executive leadership, accumulation alternation optimization, accumulated       responsibility, ethics, safety, and quality. Part III: Advance and advantage strategies, including your top bristles cardinal       ideas and support. Submit the PowerPoint Feasibility Study presentation to the chief carnality admiral so that she can assay the alternatives and accommodate you with acknowledgment about your ideas.    Grading Criteria   Describe Harley-Davidson's brand,  including its ambition market, how the brands differ, business units, and its   place in the all-embracing portfolio of H-D.   Identify opportunities to add to   the brands based on accepted gaps in the portfolio.   Assuming H-D participates in a   merger, baddest a action and altercate the allowances of the action for H-D.   Provide a SWOT assay on H-Ds  functional areas: Marketing, Operations, HR, and Controlling Leadership.   Provide a SWOT assay on H-Ds anatomic areas: Accumulation Alternation Optimization, Accumulated Responsibility &   Ethics, and Assurance & Quality.   Recommend advance and advantage   strategies for H-D. Rank and call your top bristles options for the Sr. VP.   Include a justification.   Presentation Standards   Organization (12)   Usage and Mechanics (12)   APA Elements (16)   Style (4) 44

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