Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas) – Frida Kahlo Painting

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon, or Frida Kahlo, was a painter built-in in Mexico in 1907 and died in 1954. Her ancestor was German and her mother was Mexican Indian. From her childhood, she was diagnosed with polio, a ache that infects the spine, and the ache larboard her appropriate leg distorted. At 18, abiding from her art school, the bus she was benumbed in hit a tram and an adamant bar burst her abdomen/pelvis area. Her legs and base suffered austere damage. The blow was a axis point in her life. In her hospital bed, she installed a mirror aloft her bed. She corrective abounding works, best of which were self-portraits. In 1928, Frida met Diego Rivera, whom she affiliated a year later. She could not accept accouchement with him because of the accident. Frida was a huge allotment of the surrealism movement, and a acceptable archetype of this would be her painting, “Las Dos Fridas” (“The Two Fridas”). This assignment was corrective in 1939, anon afterwards her annulment from Diego Rivera. The painting depicts two altered personalities, or versions of her, sitting on a bench. The Frida on the larboard is clad in a Victorian era bells dress (this depicts the Frida that Diego left), and the one on the appropriate wears a Tehuana, which is the allotment of Frida that Diego admired and respected. The hearts of the two Fridas are exposed. The one on the left’s affection is broken, and the one on the right’s affection is whole. The actuality that she is captivation her own duke could advance that she wants us to see that she is her alone companion. The agreement of the beginning makes the two women the centre of attention, and the black sky in the accomplishments could reflect close turmoil. Despite the added acceptation of the portrait, both Fridas attending appropriately as assured and officious. Movement in this account is absolute little, the alone affair we can see that is actively affective is the cut avenue from her affection which is squirting blood. This is the aboriginal affair that bent my attention. I think, commutual with the scissors in her hand, this could betoken self-destruction but giving the affairs one would be appropriate to accept heartbreak. The absolute composition of the painting is absolute pristine, with her use of oil on canvas. The besom acclamation are delicate, absolute and accord a astute effect. There’s a lot of abyss in the painting, like in the folds of her dresses and the use of shadow. Frida has apparent ablaze and aphotic tones acutely by authoritative herself the lightest and best active accountable in the area, which in contrast, is absolute aphotic and about sinister. Despite the contrast, there’s still a array of black all throughout the painting. The account gives an all-embracing abrogating vibe; it makes me feel affectionate appear her. The use of band is absolute attenuate and is immaculately blended. The best colourful affair in the beginning is the blessed Frida on the right, who wears blue, orange, and gold tones. There doesn’t assume to be an accessible colour scheme. Frida in the white dress is absolute neutral; it complies of attenuate tones of olive and lilac, and all-embracing the bells dress is a alloy of adapted colours. The painting is, in my opinion, bisected algid tones and bisected balmy tones. The representation of herself in the painting is astute but her appearance of painting gives it an about animation effect. I absolutely admire this painting. I like it because it’s acutely article which holds abundant added meaning. It’s allegorical of heartbreak, anguish and ambidexterity but, ultimately, is a representation of empowerment and afraid by your ancillary back no one abroad will.

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