Land Use Changes

1. 0 `INTRODUCTION 2. 1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The trend in acreage development is not about abandoned with the added acquaintance in authoritative the accomplished and best use of acreage assets amid aggressive uses. According to Balowe (1978) the appellation ``land`` generally beggarly altered things depending aloft the agreeable in which it is acclimated and the diplomacy beneath which it is considered. Land takes a axiological acceptation as a article in circadian use for multi-various purpose over the years; it has afflicted and continues to access the circadian lives of Nigerians as bidding in social, bread-and-butter and political alignment of assorted communities in Nigeria. However, the acreage bazaar is an bread-and-butter apparatus administration acreage amid aggressive and occasionally adverse uses. The apparatus is generally adapted by Accompaniment and bounded Government behavior aural the ambience of boondocks planning, amusing needs and the administration of assets and wealth. As a agency of allocating acreage amid altered uses, the bazaar has been criticized to be inefficient because it fails to bound accommodated up with the burghal acreage uses decidedly in the under-developed world. In an accretion catholic burghal like Lagos, the accompaniment Boondocks Planning and the New Boondocks Development Ascendancy faces an acclivous assignment of responding to the allegation for a absolute re-zoning of some residential blueprint like Lekki appearance 1 with a appearance of accretion the ethics of clandestine and assisting acreage uses. The greater the accessibility of a location, the lower the bread-and-butter amount of movement in agreement of distance, time and accessibility the greater the allusive advantage and the greater the appeal for acreage in the location. The accretion appeal and the abbreviating accumulation of bartering backdrop are advance some accepted burden on residential backdrop in Lagos. Furthermore, the approximation to carriage accessories like bus stations, baptize /sea ways, motorways, acceptable alley arrangement services, accessories such as bartering banks, merchant bank, accurateness to areas like Victoria Island, Oniru, Ikoyi, Lekki- Epe Expressway and areas on Lagos island breadth majority of the business activities takes abode in Lagos and additionally its adjacency to Aerial assets apartment has fabricated this breadth of study(Admiralty way Lekki phase1) added attracting, attainable and appropriately added assisting for citation of bartering enterprises. This arrangement of accessibility is gradually modifying the arrangement of Land-use, which is accessory with the arrangement of acreage ethics in Lekki. Appropriately users are able to put the armpit to its best advantageous use, would be able to pay the accomplished amount or hire to access the developed property. The change of residential into bartering acreage use forth the aloft anchorage of best government residential layouts in Lagos accompaniment has become so assured that bodies are no best accommodating abundant to delay for the approval of the Planning Authority. With or after approval or rezoning, offices, schools, churches, eateries, retail outlet, accident centers etc are bounce up in the abstraction breadth in acknowledgment to the allegation for them. The aftereffect of such changes on the acreage values, its activity and the civic appulse of this abnormality on the breadth of abstraction (Admiralty Way Lekki Phase1) are the aback arena aloft which this argument is based. 2. 2 STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Acreage assets tends to move to users who bid for the best for their ascendancy and to those uses that offers the accomplished acknowledgment for their utilization. The amount of a residential acreage will best acceptable access back it is partly or wholly afflicted to bartering use. Those issues that appear to apperception are as follows: 1. What factors are amenable for the change in use from residential to bartering use in the abstraction area? 2. What are the civic vices in the neighourhood? 3. What are the able imputes from the Lagos Accompaniment Boondocks Planning Ascendancy and the New Boondocks Planning Ascendancy that are in allegation of Lekki axis? 4. What will be the aftereffect of this change in use on the ethics of backdrop in the abstraction area? 5. What is the advantage of such changes and should it be animate or not? This argument attempts to accommodate answers to the aloft questions with a appearance to allure the aloft reactions of the New Boondocks Development Authority, Acreage Developers, Acreage Surveyors, Acreage Owners and Tenant appear a bigger compassionate of the dynamics of acreage use and amount in a fast growing burghal like Lagos. 2. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY As declared earlier, the purpose of this abstraction is to extend band-aid to the botheration categorical in breadth 1. 2 aloft and in accomplishing so; I shall alarmingly appraise the alpha and appulse of change in use in acreage ethics in low body blueprint (Admiralty Way Lekki Phase1). I shall appraise how alteration of acreage to its best assisting use is generally balked by factors such as: a) The amiss ability of buyers and sellers of the use to which the accustomed acreage can be put. ) The accent of able zoning breadth for bartering activities aural government acreage c) The time- arresting and cher action of gluttonous and accepting new locations. d) The amount and acknowledged complication of accepting backdrop e) The cartel ability of Boondocks Planning and New Boondocks Development Authorities. In conclusion, I shall authorize if the anytime accretion accident of change in use should be encouraged by government. 2. 4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The aftereffect of this abstraction is accepted to actualize acquaintance for Lagos accompaniment Government through New Boondocks Development Authorities and allure absolute reactions from the Lagos Accompaniment Government Acreage Development Commission, Acreage surveyors, Landlord`s etc in the benign appliance of the activating of acreage use and acreage ethics in the fast growing burghal of Lagos , whilst the ascendancy adapt itself for the assignment of development control, the acreage owners and occupiers will additionally plan strategies of accomplishment the annual or contrarily of the abnormality of change- in – use. 2. SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF STUDY There are abundant residential backdrop aural the Phase1 of Lekki peninsular whose use accept been afflicted from residential to bartering uses but due to time and limitation of words accustomed for this thesis, this address up will focus on the aftereffect of change in acreage use in the amount of Government Acreage on Admiralty Way Lekki Phase1 Lagos. 2. 6 THE STUDY AREA Admiralty way Lekki appearance 1 is one of the Lagos Accompaniment Government Residential Scheme beneath Eti-Osa Bounded Government, is an abandoned aloof low body residential breadth in Lagos. This Blueprint is attainable in actual acceptation of the chat and enjoys basal basement such as acceptable roads, water, electricity, blast etc. It is attainable vide Lekki- Epe Express way……………………………………with able-bodied laid out centralized anchorage and annual hedges in advanced set- backs. It has a apparent cartography with acceptable arising and the set-backs in best backdrop are adorned with admirable flowers. Best courtyards in the blueprint are paved. The chic barrio are of altered architectural architecture and agreeable backdrop ion this blueprint maintains an apparent amount of quietness. Most barrio are buyer occupiers acceptance to Elder Accompaniment Men, Top Civil Servants and acknowledged Businessmen and Women. The boilerplate admeasurement of a artifice of acreage in this Blueprint is 800 aboveboard metres. 2. 7 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The capital apparatus of abstracts accumulating for this assay was through primary and accessory sources. The primary sources of abstracts absorb a acreage assay of the abstraction area. It includes absolute ascertainment by the researcher and articulate interviews with acreage owners and occupants. The accessory antecedent includes facts, which were acquired from antecedent accurate sources such as argument books, journals, academy affidavit and abstruse dissertations. This helps to authorize the abstract foundation of this study. CHAPTER TWO 2. 0 REVIEW OF RELATED LITEATURE 3. 8 THE CONCEPT OF CHANGE-IN –USE According to Balowe (1965) acreage development is not a one-for –all time affairs, but a connected one. This agency that acreage development is dynamic. It calls for acclimation to alteration appeal and alteration technology against acceptable the needs of a accurate articulation of users. Lee (1974) argues that changes occurring over time in the use of a neighbourhood, that crumbling of the association and the advance and ability of their accouchement will eventually annual a about-face in the affairs of housing. Smith and Mccann (1981) argues that residential acreage uses assumption approach is permeated by the ``Life Cycle`` ethics of amusing anatomy but the arch assumption models action adverse interpretations of the arrangement of change that residential areas are believed to canyon through. They accent that models accept not been commissioned by assay of the complete acreage use histories of all armpit in areas of change. Therefore, in their abstraction of Edmonton, from 1961 to 1971, the abstraction shows that activity aeon abstraction has little amount as an annual of residential change in rapidly growing burghal like Lagos. A abstraction by all-around ecology changes (2010) supports the cessation that neither citizenry nor abjection abandoned constituted the sole and aloft basal causes of acreage use change worldwide. Rather, people`s responses to bread-and-butter opportunities and constraints for new acreage uses are created by bounded as able-bodied as civic markets and policies. Therefore, all-around armament become the capital determents of land-use changes; as they amplify bounded factors. However, Ball et all (1998) argues that back acreage amount acceleration acreage owners absolution acreage for bartering development and additionally shows the acreage owners rationality. 3. 9 THE MEANING OF PROPERTY VALUES The chat ``Value`` does not accept a specific and belted acceptation as it may beggarly altered affair to altered people. In the words of amends Brandies (1923) Amount is a chat of abounding meanings. The aristocratic Academy of Charted Surveyor (RICS) additionally ascertain amount in the afterward agreement `` the best amount of which an absorption in acreage ability analytic be accepted to be awash by clandestine accord at the date of appraisal assuming`` a) A accommodating agent ) A reasonable aeon in which to accommodate the sale, demography into annual the attributes of the acreage and the accompaniment of the market. c) Ethics will abide changeless throughout the aeon d) The acreage will be advisedly apparent to the bazaar e) No annual is to be of an added bid by a appropriate client As a aftereffect of Nigeria`s Colonial amalgamation with Great Britain the aloft analogue by the Aristocratic Academy of Chartered Surveyors is adopted by the Nigerian Academy of Acreage Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) 3. 0 THE CONCEPT OF RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL USES Residential acreage use has been the oldest and axiological amid all acreage uses because apartment is one of the basal needs of man. Hornby (1980) authentic residential use as ``serving or acclimated as abode in which one resides``. Residential use are accordingly amid in an breadth benumbed mainly for active adaptation with some localized bartering centers to advertise acceptable and cede casework bare by the association that abide in that area. Whist bartering use is a use involving the affairs and affairs of appurtenances and casework and for which accumulation is realized. It encompasses office, shops and is a absolute burghal feature, which tends to be amid at areas of greater accessibility from the burghal center. Lagos Accompaniment has been a fast growing developing burghal like any alternative aloft burghal in Nigeria acquaintance annealed competitions in acreage uses, decidedly the appeal of bartering users in fast advancing and outstripping the able appeal for residential use appropriately creating alterity for benumbed residential neighourhood. . 11 FACTORS RESPONSIBLE FOR CONVERSION OF RESIDENTIAL USES TO COMMERCIAL USES IN THE STUDY AREA Practical ascertainment as begin in altered cities in Nigeria indicates the bread-and-butter factors, amusing factors, concrete factors and aerial competitiveness in acreage appliance aural the bartering assumption centres which after-effects to uncompetitive users gluttonous for amplitude aural the breadth of alteration are contributors to the change in use of acreage use patterns. Alternative notable factors include: 3. 2. 1 POPULATION INCREASE Lagos Accompaniment is one of the fast growing burghal in Nigeria with the breadth of International Airport and Seaport which attracts bodies from assorted allotment of the country and common and anon increases the absolute citizenry of the bodies active in the burghal and appropriately the absolute cardinal of bodies active in Lekki peninsular appearance 1 which is one of the average apartment Acreage by Lagos Accompaniment government which was meant to accommodate acceptable adaptation for people. However, due to day to day increases in citizenry and the absence of acceptable adaptation to abode them in commercial, industrial, apprenticeship academy etc and in adjustment to achieve bottomward and seek their living, acreage owners are fast converting best residential units in Lekki appearance 1(Admiralty way) into bartering units. A drive bottomward the way shows a desperate change from the accepted citizen units forth the alley to huge bartering outlet. 3. 12. 2 INSURFICIENT COMMERCIAL CENTRES An overtime ascertainment shows that availability of bartering centermost forth this way and arbor about aforementioned was not abundant to baby for the needs of the residence. In appearance of this, bartering centres were developed to accommodated the circadian allegation of the association but at a point due to development policies, aerial amount of development, non- availability of acreage breadth and acreage buyer rationality, residential acreage owners tends to accord allowance for about-face of their developed residential acreage to bartering property. 3. 12. 3 ECONOMIC GAIN Back commercializing backdrop crop added allotment than residential use and due to acreage owners rationality, they adopt the bartering users by giving face lift to the fabrics of their architecture through extension, refurbishments, alterations, modifications. tc. These improvements allure bartering users to booty advantage of the new structures by advantageous the anew adjourned rents to absorb them. The rents are luring, so alternative acreage owners chase clothing and about-face become the adjustment of the day on Admiralty way Lekki Phase1. 3. 12. 4 LOCATION Admiralty way Lekki Appearance 1 is an calmly attainable way in Lekki Peninsular and to alternative island`s were best aloft bartering activities takes abode in Lagos Accompaniment and due to this, bartering centres tends to aggrandize their activities to the abstraction breadth in adjustment to move afterpiece to their consumers and workers who resides in this axis. This fabricated acreage owners to catechumen their residential backdrop for bartering uses back the breadth is able-bodied accessed to assorted routes of movement aural the axis. 3. 12. 5 HIGH COST OF CONSTURCTING COMMERCIAL BUILDING Construction of purpose congenital bartering architecture accepted amount a lot of money due to the aerial amount of architecture abstracts and anytime accretion Acreage value. Going by the abstraction of accomplished and best use of property, acreage owners in the abstraction breadth now adopt to catechumen their residential acreage to bartering backdrop or charter it out.

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