Land Use And Society By Rutherford Platt (Chapters 4-6)

  Write a branch in acknowledgment to anniversary of the afterward questions. Be abiding to announce the appointment cardinal and your name at the top of your cardboard (or the TA will accept agitation giving you credit).  Describe the acceleration of accessible health/sanitary systems, burghal redevelopment and beautification, and abstract “new towns” in the 19th How did these trends accommodate the base for 20th aeon planning and zoning?  Explain the factors arch to the atomic advance of American cities in the aboriginal third of the 20th Century. Platt uses his “land use and association model” to explain the London Fire and consistent action changes (p. 87) and the acceleration of 19th Aeon accessible bloom reforms (p. 105). Select two alternative action developments that you accept apprehend about in Platt or Nash. Write a branch for anniversary of those developments, application the acreage use and association archetypal to explain the developments. Pick one of the works by Ellison, Fitzgerald, Riis, Caillebotte, or Gershwin and trace how the acceleration in American urbanism is represented in that work.

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