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Lab Report Procedure 6. 1: Perform Benedict’s analysis for abbreviation sugars. Introduction: Benedict’s tests allows for the apprehension of the attendance of abbreviation sugars. All monosaccharides are abbreviation sugars back all of them accept alive carbonyl group. Some disaccharides that are apparent to a carbonyl accumulation are additionally abbreviation sugars but beneath acknowledging than monosaccharides. By bond the amoroso band-aid with Benedict’s band-aid and heating them, a redox acknowledgment will occur. The chestnut (II) sulphate present in Benedict’s band-aid reacts with electrons from aldehyde or ketose accumulation of abbreviation sugars to anatomy cuprous oxide, a red amber precipitate. Materials: The abstracts acclimated in adjustment to ascertain starches was: analysis tubes, distilled water, Benedict’s solution, starch were used. Negative Control: H20 Positive Control: Starch Obtain nine analysis tubes and cardinal them 1-9 Add to anniversary tube the abstracts to be tested. Add 2ml of Benedict’s band-aid to anniversary tube. Place all the tubes in baking water- ablution for 3 account and beam blush changes during this time. After 3 account , abolish the tubes from the water- ablution and accord the tubes abounding time to air-conditioned to allowance temperature. Record the blush of their contents. Procedure 6. 2: Perform the iodine analysis for starch Tube Band-aid Benedict’s Blush Acknowledgment Iodine Blush Acknowledgment 1 10 drops onion abstract No change Blue->Black w/white No change 2 10 drops potato abstract Precipitation Yellow-> dejected 3 10 drops sucrose solution No change No change 5 10 drops distilled baptize No change No change 6 10 drops abbreviation amoroso band-aid Dejected No change 7 10 drops starch band-aid No change Yellow-> Dejected 8 Unknown Blue-> Red Amber 9 Unknown 2 Dejected Amber 4 10 drops glucose band-aid Blue-> Amber No change Tube Band-aid Blush 1 2 ml egg albumen Green/yellow 2 2 ml honey No change 3 2ml amino acerbic band-aid Purple 4 2ml distilled baptize No change 5 2ml protein band-aid Purple 6 Unknown Colorless 7 Unknown 2 Colorless

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