Lab Report Analysis

Memorandum TO: Emma Mackenzie, Autograph Instructor; Montana Tech FROM: Sarah Hambidge, Montana Tech Apprentice DATE: 6 November 2012 SUBJECT: Lab Address Assay This announcement proposes the observations and claims I calm from reviewing three altered lab reports. Three fields of abstraction are composed aural this announcement that includes Electrical Engineering, Ecology Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. “Electrical Filters,” (Electrical), accounting by Joe Schmoe, is a lab address fabricated by a apprentice at a university. The College Board produced an ecology lab address named, “Monitoring Air Quality,” (Air), for the purpose of apprentice apprenticeship as a lab template. Monitoring Air Affection was accounting by Dr. Angela C. Morrow who accelerating from the University of Northern Colorado. Aural the Energy Engineering field, I found, “NETL Extreme Conduct Lab Studies aerial temperature conduct Phenomena. ” (NETL). This lab was created by the U. S. Department of Energy and was begin in the assignment of the U. S. Government. This lab address was accounting by K. David Lyons, Simone Honeygan, and Thomas Mroz. All three lab reports’ appearance accept been compared and assorted application analytic techniques in this memo. Observation of Accomplished Certificate All three abstracts are abutting in agreement of breadth of paper. They are in the ambit amid 6 and 9 pages long. The NETL Conduct Aerial Pressure Aerial Temperature Conduct Phenomena and Electrical Filters lab letters accept 4 or 5 abstracts to represent the purpose of the lab report. The Air Affection lab alone has one figure, a account of a tree. College Board’s Monitoring Air Affection abstracts were labeled beneath the pictures in approved font. The petroleum lab address acclimated adventurous book beneath the figures. The electrical report’s abstracts were labeled with italics beneath the account as well. * Branch styles All three labs alter acerb back it comes to the appearance of how the paragraphs were written. Conduct lab letters aural Petroleum Engineering are best busy and long. The petroleum lab address has 3 paragraphs in the Abstruse area while the alternative two letters accept one abbreviate paragraph. The Petroleum lab includes specific after capacity such as altered depths, aqueous pressures, and temperatures. The alternative letters did not accommodate quantities central the aperture branch that is why Conduct labs are added busy and absolute back it comes to apery information. As a clairvoyant is account the NETL Conduct Lab, they could be added abashed than account the alternative two labs. The quantities are not explained how they are acquired actual well, so this could aftereffect in a apperception botheration for a basal reader. I anticipate this would accomplish a clairvoyant with basal apperception levels frustrated. * Headings According to the archetype lab report(Doyoyo,2002), branch titles should chase this architecture in adjustment of appellation page, Abstract, Experimental Procedure, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Appendices, and References. The lab address composed by the College Board follows this architecture best concisely. The College Boards paragraphs are blue-blooded Abstract, Objectives, Introduction, Materials, Procedure, Data/Observations, Analysis, and Additional Resources. The action in this address is absolutely continued because it has 3 sub headings aural it that announce three altered subjects. The assay goes absolutely in abyss as able-bodied and has 2 altered genitalia in it. The electrical lab address follows a agnate branch order; Objective, Background, Experiment, Results, Conclusion, and References. The accomplishments branch is 2 pages long; this is best than any of the alternative documents. I accept in adjustment to absolutely appreciate this document, you would accept to apperceive a abundant accord of accomplishments and accept expierence in this field. The petroleum conduct lab address additionally follows a altered format; Abstract, Introduction, Acknowledgments, and References. TheNETL Conduct lab stands out from the blow of the labs too because amid the addition and acknowledgments, there are 4 paragraphs that explain descriptions, efforts, and approaching plans. This lab is extreme from afterward the accepted lab address format. The NETL Conduct Lab was accounting by the government so they may chase a stricter lab architecture than they advise in schools. They ability accomplish up their own adjustment of headings and paragraphs because they are on top of the chain. Chantry best The NETL lab Address uses ten point chantry in Times New Roman. The Electrical Engineering lab Address uses Times New Roman as able-bodied but its bifold spaced and typed in twelve point font. The ecology lab uses Calibri with twelve point chantry and assorted spaces amid every paragraph. The NETL lab is the best able attractive lab because it looks academic and fits added advice aural a folio than the alternative labs. A clairvoyant could get the best advice out of the NETL lab because it is complete elaborately but additionally concisely. All-embracing accent The NETL lab has by far, best academic accent of voice. The lab created by the College Board is congenital for mainly educational purposes; accordingly it uses a abate cant for easier understanding. The Electrical lab address was fabricated by acceptance so it’s not that complex. The NETL lab is able because it is a assignment of the government. This lab uses abounding big words, acronyms, references aural text, and abounding after conversions. The lab accounting by acceptance has the atomic breezy tone, best acceptable because they are atomic educated. Reading the Electrical Filters Lab could leave a clairvoyant absent in some places, and readers may appetite to apprehend a altered lab on Electrical Filters accounting by a doctor or addition with a able degree. * Alliteration The College Board lab address uses repititon the best because it was created by doctors and doctors are actual absolute with apery information. It generally repeats, “Please see AP’s licensing for AP Questions and Materials. ” It additionally repeats, “Clean Air Act,” “NAAQS,” “gypsum,” and “air affection laws. ” Aural the action the paragraphs are repetitive as well. The Electrical lab is the atomic repetitive but it did echo ascribe and achievement arresting values. The petroleum lab repeats conduct agreement and the action of abysmal drilling. I anticipate the alliteration in all of the labs was all-important because a basal clairvoyant would charge to be reminded of the advice to calmly breeze through account the documents. Sections The sections aural the 3 lab letters alter in body. Some are added like Markel’s sample(Markel,2010) than others. * Abstruse The petroleum lab and ecology reflect the above focus of the lab well. The abstruse concisely communicates the purpose of the lab, the approach, the results, and the significances of the findings. The electrical lab doesn’t accept an abstruse but sometimes advisers do not crave an abstruse section. The ecology lab does a bigger job at autograph the abstruse because it’s beneath and added absolute to the point, accordingly easier to understand. * Addition The petroleum lab does the affliction at the introduction. Markel (Markel, 2010, ch10), says the purpose of the lab is acutely stated. The petroleum lab is array of confusing. It says,” The purpose of this cardboard and industry projects [1-5] abysmal wells are authentic as wells accomplished for oil and gas accepting accurate vertical abyss (TVD) greater than 15,000 anxiety (4572 meters. )” The electrical address is added to the point, for example, “The cold of this lab is to body and analysis a aboriginal order, low-pass clarify with resistors and capacitors. ” The Ecology lab’s purpose account is, “At the end of this lab, you will be able to call and altercate several air pollutants and methods for audition them. The ecology lab is a lab arrangement so it is accounting in a approaching close architecture rather than accomplished close like the alternative labs. Conclusion In account this memo, I achievement you accept my allegation an key credibility about the three lab letters I analyzed. Electrical Filters, by Joe Schomoe, was ailing accounting compared to the alternative lab reports. It did appropriately use its abstracts and the abstruse area was accounting correctly. This certificate was adamantine to apprehend because the accomplishments was actual continued and in depth. This certificate additionally was atomic ambrosial to the eye because the abridgement of professionalism. College Board’s Monitoring Air Affection all-embracing did able-bodied as confined the above purpose as a lab arrangement for students. However this lab needs added abstracts and pictures because it alone has one figure. The College Board additionally followed Markel’s lab architecture the closest. The alliteration acclimated by this lab fabricated the accomplished certificate breeze added as reading. The NETL Extreme Conduct Laboratory Studies Aerial Pressure Aerial Temperature Conduct Phenomena, is the best able and academic accounting certificate compared to the alternative two labs. It did not chase the accustomed lab address format, but it independent abounding accessible abstracts and tables. This lab can be ambagious because it is so complex, but best advice and abstracts can be acquired from account this lab report. References * Doyoyo, September 19, 2002, 13. 014J/1. 052J “Helpful instructions on how to address a mechanics lab report. ” * Markel, 2010 Chapters 6,7,9,10,18, Appendix B accompanying to APA affidavit * Unit 3 Topics Checklist * (Electrical)

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