lab 2

  For lab two, beam two types of alternation and address a three folio bifold spaced address on your observations. The address should attach to the blueprint in the expectations (part one) of the syllabus. In a accessible breadth (Starbucks, academy campus, abode of worship, park, etc.) beam bodies interacting in-person (face to face). Notice their anatomy language, their tone, etc. Next, beam yourself interacting digitally with addition animal (Skype, email, chat, Facetime, etc.). Notice the anatomy accent and accent of you and the being you are interacting with. Page one of your address should call your observations of in-person interaction. Folio two should call your agenda interaction. Folio three should analyze and adverse the two types of interactions. What is different? What is the same? Is article absent digitally? Is article acquired digitally? This address should call absolute observations. This is not a abstract assignment. No sources or citations are appropriate provided you do not use quotes or paraphrases. The absolute cardboard should be a third being description of your observations. Think of this as a lab report. Submit your assignment in a Word book (.docx)

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