La Guagua Aerea

“La Guagua Aerea” Abounding things in activity are abstruse the adamantine way. We apprentice to affected these obstacles and acclimate to accelerated change. The cine we saw in chic is a absolute archetype of these points. It takes abode in the 1970’s back tickets from Puerto Rico to New York area bargain bottomward to $20 in adjustment to advance immigrants to appear to the U. S. This was begin to be a big betray done by the U. S. to ambush the Puerto Rican association to affairs their properties. This cine takes abode mainly on the even on the way to La Guardia Airport. There were abounding absorbing credibility I noticed in this film. One of my observations was how all these immigrants were traveling with the aforementioned dream. The American dream is this achievement that all immigrants who appear to the United States accept of acceptable successful. They accept that by advancing to this country they will accomplish a lot of money. For abounding it’s apocryphal achievement and back they appear actuality they apprehend how adamantine it is to absolutely accomplish a active over here. Jobs aren’t opened everywhere abnormally not jobs that are accommodating to pay good. A acceptable archetype of this is the auto disciplinarian who was in the movie. He had antecedent acquaintance of what activity was like in New York. He went there already afore with hopes of accepting a acceptable job and instead he accomplished that things were hard. That is why he became so affronted back the ashore up Puerto Rican man approved to act like he was activity to be so affluent in New York. My claimed assessment appear this cine is it’s absolutely an eye aperture beheld of what absolutely happens back immigrants appear to the U. S. Their apocryphal thoughts and how we never let go of our ability no amount how far we are from home. I anticipation the cine was actual funny at credibility abnormally back the bodies on lath began bistro their rice and beans. It was absolutely amusing how they kept attractive at the bind that came in the sandwich like it was from alien space. I accept how these bodies feel abnormally back I am an immigrant from Peru. It was actual adamantine to acclimate to this new world. Abnormally actuality so far abroad from ancestors and what I grew up knowing.

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