250 WORDS    Greyhound Stables, Inc. operates several dog antagonism advance throughout the United States. Since best accessories are alfresco advance only, best of the banknote receipts for Greyhound are accustomed from April through October. These funds are usually invested in short-term, actual aqueous investments, such as stocks and bonds. Among the stocks purchased aftermost year, was Servitronics, a aggregation specializing in automated automat equipment. The aggregation absitively not to advertise its Servitronics banal at the end of aftermost year, and has purchased added of the banal this year. The aggregation intends to abide to acquirement banal until it holds abundant to accomplish a takeover bid for the company. The accountants accept been instructed to abide to allocate the advance as concise until the takeover is accomplished, so that beneath absorption will be directed to it. (Presently, Greyhound has no abiding advance in banal at all.) To accept abounding credit, acknowledgment both: Is it ethical for Greyhound to attack to booty over addition company? Is it ethical for Greyhound to leave its advance in the concise advance category? Explain.

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