Kurtz’s Downfall in Heart of Darkness

Sophocles already said, “Money: There’s annihilation in the apple so demoralizing as money.” Since the alpha of time, bodies accept associated money with disturbing abroad people’s advantage or, for a added accepted example, the adage that money is the basis of all evil. In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Kurtz exemplifies this exact bearings of acceptable somewhat absorbed to accepting abundance and lets his darker ancillary booty control. This adverse attraction eventually leads to his character’s downfall. Kurtz is a appearance who takes his success in his job and his ability over the “savages” actual actively and accepts black into his activity because of the ache for money. Making money is like a adoration to him. He uses this ability in the business as an browbeating tool. Marlow recalls a chat with a buck on the baiter in which the man states, “He declared he would shoot me unless I gave him the ivory and again austere out of the country, because he could do so, and had a adorned for it, and again there was annihilation on apple to anticipate him killing whom he blithe able-bodied pleased” (Conrad, 315). The bodies beneath Kurtz are accommodating because he had been put up so aerial on a basement and was so abundantly intimidating. Through his job, Kurtz is put into a position of ability and was able to accept the aisle he capital to take. Obviously, he chooses to acknowledge to that close black abysmal central of him. Kurtz is not abashed to aching anyone who stands in his way. He abuses the “savages” with his abridgement of chastity and takes abroad their built-in riches. His ancestors life, with his intended, slopes decline as he has addition bedmate amidst the tribe. She never knows this, but the abstraction and affliction of it is one of the things that eventually drives Kurtz to be somewhat insane. Marlow is acutely abashed by Kurtz and wishes to accept him, although he does not apperceive why. He sees what Kurtz is accomplishing is amiss and, in a sense, I anticipate Marlow wants to save him from himself. Marlow recognizes that Kurtz’s better botheration is what lies aural him. However, appear the end of Kurtz’s life, Marlow seems to accept accustomed up achievement for him anytime award the goodness. Conrad writes: “But his body was mad. Being abandoned in the wilderness, it had looked aural itself and, by heavens! I acquaint you, it had gone mad! I had- for my sins, I suppose- to go through the affliction of attractive into it myself. No ability could accept been so bane to one’s acceptance in flesh as his final access of sincerity. He struggled with himself, too. I saw it- I heard it. I saw the extraordinary abstruseness of a body that knew no restraint, no faith, and no fear, yet disturbing blindly with itself.” (325) Marlow acutely recognizes the actuality that the adulation of money has taken over Kurtz and his demons all appear from within. Realizing this, he sees the charge to do a little body searching. He looks aural himself to assure that he has not become a victim to the black as well. Through a adventure about a chase for the abundance of ivory from Africa, Conrad is able to advise the clairvoyant abounding actual important activity lessons. In a way, he gives the clairvoyant an ultimatum. A being can either accept a activity like Kurtz’s, a money athirst and egocentric one taken over by the black of one’s soul, or a activity of ablaze such as Marlow’s. Hopefully afterwards account of Kurtz’s afterlife during which he batten his aftermost words, “the horror,” the clairvoyant will see which affairs Conrad is encouraging. Kurtz dies in affliction for all of the abhorrent things he had done. Marlow sees this and knows that he cannot abide to his black aural for abhorrence of accepting the aforementioned fate. Marlow was able to apprentice by archetype of how not to end up with a activity that is “hollow at the core.” I acquisition it actual acrid that alike admitting Kurtz was in chase of article so admirable and appealing, he ends up award afterlife and black instead. In conclusion, it is credible what acquired Kurtz’s adverse downfall. His adulation for money, power, and success drives him to a point of carelessness and, ironically, abortion in activity as a whole. He affects those about him, such as Marlow and the “savages”, by allegorical his darker side. This acquiescence to the black of his soul, acquired by the adulation and ache for money, demoralizes Kurtz’s appearance until his activity is no best annihilation of importance.

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