Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website

Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website * Introduction “E Business is one of the best important facets of the Internet to accept emerged in the contempo times. Ecommerce or cyberbanking business involves accustomed out business over the Internet with the abetment of computers, which are affiliated to anniversary alternative basic a network. To be specific, ecommerce would be affairs and affairs of appurtenances and casework and alteration of funds through agenda communications” (Benefits of Ecommerce", 2007). With the barrage of Kudler Fine Foods new eCommerce band-aid bound approaching, this is an agitative time for Kudler and its staff. The allowances of this amplification will not alone admission acquirement for the company, but allow the befalling to actualize new jobs and accommodate a new ambit of casework to all customers. From the customer’s perspective, aggregate will alpha from the Kudler Fine Foods homepage. The home folio will advance the aboriginal attending and design, but the chump will apprehension two new additions aback visiting. The aboriginal accession will be a “shop” articulation included in the aeronautics bar. This will accompany the chump into the store’s account of items accessible for online purchase. These new appearance and casework will now be explained, as able-bodied as a footfall by footfall airing through the chump will acquaintance aback authoritative online purchases. Boutique Aback Boutique is alleged in the aeronautics toolbar at the top of the website the user opens a new webpage. This webpage is the “shop” folio breadth the user sees a dropdown box giving them the afterward categories to accept from: Bakery, Meat and Seafood, Produce, Cheese and Dairy and final Wine. After selecting the class the user will again bang on the “shop” button to the right. They will again be beatific that class webpage to accomplish their purchases. Acquirement of Items To acquirement items the user will see the class webpage breadth there is a account of all the articles offered for this category. Anniversary account will accept a description of the artefact and the amount of anniversary item. There is an “add” button at the end of anniversary account description breadth the user can accept to acquirement this account by “clicking” on the add button. At the top of anniversary class folio the user has the advantage to go to the alternative class pages by beat on the “go to” button for anniversary class listed on that button. At the basal of anniversary folio there are two buttons to choose; Appearance Barrow and Checkout. Appearance Barrow Appearance barrow allows the user to see all the items that they accept alleged to purchase. A account of anniversary account with their amount will be shown. At the end of anniversary account row there is a “remove” button breadth the user can abolish the account from the list. This is the alone breadth the user can abolish their items they accept alleged to purchase. At the basal of this folio there are buttons to accept to go to the alternative class pages or to checkout page. If the user chooses to go to addition class and selects and account from that page, it will be added to the appearance barrow page. Even if the user goes all the way aback to the “home” folio they can alpha attractive at alternative categories and anniversary account will be added to the arcade barrow breadth it can be apparent on the appearance barrow page. Afterwards the user has fabricated all their choices to purchase, they can bang on the “checkout” button at the basal of the folio to agree their purchase. Checkout The checkout folio is the final folio the chump will charge to go to in adjustment to accomplishment their purchase. Here the chump can see all of the items they accept alleged forth with the absolute of the acquirement they are about to make. It they appetite to abolish an account they will charge to go aback to “view cart” breadth they can abolish the item. Under the account and absolute of the items to be purchased, there is a anatomy to ample out. This anatomy is the Payment Advice anatomy bare to accomplishment the purchase. Here the chump will ascribe their Name, Address, Town/City, State and Zip code. Then they will baddest from the dropdown box which acclaim agenda they plan to use to accomplish the purchase. Afterwards selecting the acclaim card, there is a box for the acclaim agenda cardinal to be entered. Afterwards the chump enters in their acclaim agenda number, they can either accept the “submit” to accomplishment the acquirement or accept the “reset” button to bright out the form. If they accept to displace the form, the advice will be deleted and they may activate a new acclimation process. Marketing our website/promote website Marketing in e-commerce is aloof as important as the armpit itself. That brings us to how we can add cipher into our armpit to advice accomplish us added arresting to chase engines; meta abstracts is what is acclimated to accomplish us arresting to our customers. “Meta abstracts is, absolutely simply, abstracts about data. Your certificate is annihilation but a allotment of abstracts for a chase engine, and meta abstracts helps describes and categorizes it. Webmasters abode meta abstracts central their HTML documents, to advice advance their baronial on chase engines, and to advice end-users locate their site” ("Marketing Your Website : Meta Data", 1999). We will put a description meta tag and keyword metadata tag on anniversary of the webpages we accept fabricated for the arcade feature. This way anniversary class will be allotment of the web chase aback a chump is attractive for one of our products. The metadata tags we are activity to use will be the “description”, “keyword” (these will be on all webpages); “author”, “content-type”, “refresh” and “revised” tags (only one the boutique page). The description tag lets you put the appellation of the folio aback the keyword tag is breadth you can put important keywords to be begin aback chase agent can acquisition it easier. The columnist tag shows all that attending at our website who created it. The content-type tag shows what we acclimated such as text, html and the UTF8. The brace one allows the folio to brace at the time absolute we set for anniversary page. Again revised will appearance who anytime has to amend or adapt the arcade pages will apperceive aback they were aftermost done authoritative it easier to accumulate up with the alterations. SEO (search agent optimization) is the action of optimizing a website so it will position able-bodied in chase engines results. “This agency designing your web pages so the chase engines will acquisition the appropriate keywords in your web folio content. Optimization is all about authoritative abiding the chase engines will acquisition advice that will admission the adventitious of your folio actuality included in chase results”(“How to advance a website as allotment of the website design”, n. d. ). some means to advice in this breadth to accomplish the armpit added arresting accommodate but not bound to accommodate the capital keywords in the website title, added keywords in the website description, keywords in the aftereffect links, keywords in the agreeable text, be abiding all pages are reachable, and pages should be accessible to navigate. A website can be submitted to chase engines so they will apperceive about it. This acclimated to be a all-important footfall to acquaint chase engines about new websites. Now chase engines consistently adviser the Internet for new web pages (and afflicted web pages) so they will ascertain your website. “To ensure that your beginning agreeable or armpit improvements don't languish un-indexed, abide to Google an XML sitemap, which shows your site's coding, anniversary time you do an update. Google will advice you actual any errors in the sitemap to accomplish its indexing added accurate, and will clamber your armpit added generally if you commonly accelerate it XML sitemap updates. ” (McElgunn, J. ) It is still a acceptable abstraction to abide your website to all four above chase engines (AOL, Google, MSN, and Yahoo) because these four primarily are the ones acclimated for best Internet searches. Addition way to admission the SEO for Kudler Fine Foods is with a Facebook folio back they are acclimated to get consumers from a amusing media. Creating a Facebook folio for Kudler Fine Foods and accepting the chump to bang on “like” on the folio will addition the way the SEO ranks there website. Facebook is addition way to acquaint barter of deals actuality offered so they will appetite to analysis them out on their website. More consumers examination their website will move them to the top faster. We will add the Facebook logo to the top of anniversary folio so the chump can admission it from the website. Publish/upload website Once the website has been created, the testing is complete, and the armpit is accessible to go alive we charge to upload the files to our web server so our barter can alpha accessing and application the site. One accessible advantage we can use is a affairs alleged FileZilla which uses an FTP (file alteration protocol) or we can use a web architecture artefact from the host that can upload all the files easily. With the FTP advantage we accept to manually upload anniversary book we appetite to use. If application a web architecture artefact it will upload aggregate you accept at one time. “Be abiding to thoroughly analysis the website afterwards the upload to be abiding all all-important files were auspiciously uploaded and assignment correctly. Aback you charge to amend a web folio you can aloof upload that folio (and accompanying files) and the upload will overwrite the old files. NOTE - Some web architecture software articles save web pages in their own different book architecture and automatically catechumen the files to web architecture files (e. . HTML) aback the upload/publish action is used. If you are activity to use FTP software for your uploads, you will aboriginal charge to do a save-as/export for the web folio files to actualize HTML files. It is a acceptable abstraction to save these files in a abstracted binder to accomplish the FTP book alternative easier as the web architecture different architecture files do not charge to be uploaded. Also, if you use FTP software for your uploads you charge additionally upload files and cartoon acclimated by the webpage” ("How To Publish/upload Web Pages", n. d. )”. Resource: Allowances of ecommerce. 2007). Retrieved from http://www. ecommerceprogram. com/ecommerce/benefits-of-ecommerce. asp How to publish/upload web pages. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. doawebsite. com/publish. html How to advance a website as allotment of the website design. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. doawebsite. com/promote. html Marketing your website : Meta Data. (1999). Retrieved from http://www. davidreilly. com/topics/electronic_commerce/web_marketing/meta-data. html McElgunn, J. Google Grabbers. Profit, Mar2008, Vol. 27 Issue1, p56-57, 2p.

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