Kotler Mkting Management Chapter 13

Designing and Managing Casework Discussion Questions How do we ascertain and allocate services? How do casework alter from goods? How can we accomplish arete in business casework ? How can we advance account quality? How can appurtenances marketers advance chump service? Slide 2 of 29 The Nature of Casework 2008 – 2018 Loss of 1. 2 actor jobs 2008 – 2018 Gain of 14. 6 actor jobs Slide 3 of 29 Account An act or achievement one affair can action to addition that is mostly abstract and does not aftereffect in the buying of anything. Slide 4 of 29 Categories of Account Mix Mix of appurtenances & casework Pure Actual Good Hybrid Pure Service Soap Cell buzz Babysitting Slide 5 of 29 Account Characteristics Intangibility Variability Perishability Empty seats Inseparability Slide 6 of 29 Intangibility Create actual elements Place People Equipment Communication material Symbols Price Slide 7 of 29 Inseparability Work Faster Add More Account Providers Work with Larger Groups Slide 8 of 29 Variability Action Guarantees Monitor Satisfaction Good Hiring and Training Slide 9 of 29 Overnight Hotel Stay Blueprint Slide 10 of 29 Perishability Empty seats Nonpeak Demand Complementary Casework Reservation Systems Differential Pricing Slide 11 of 29 New Casework Realities Customer Empowerment Satisfying Advisers Chump Co-production Slide 12 of 29 Root Cause of Chump Failure Slide 13 of 29 What Customers Want from Providers Knowledgeable advisers Address needs on aboriginal acquaintance Treat me like a admired chump 65% 64% 62% 54% 49% 49% 45% 43% 38% Demonstrates admiration to accommodated my needs Can bound admission advice Good amount for the money Courteous advisers Is a company/brand I can assurance Treats me adequately Provides relevant/personalized account 0% 10% 20% 30% 31% 40% 50% 60% 70% Slide 14 of 29 Determinants of Account Affection Reliability Tangibles Responsive Empathy Assurance Slide 15 of 29

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