Knowledge Management: PETRONAS

Introduction Today, oil and gas companies about the apple are not aloof able organizations who specialize in automated conduct and abstraction processes. Increased oil demands and the charge for bigger abundance accept affected these organizations into new methods and ability accelerated approaches. For instance advice technology has now become actual abundant an basal allotment of the oil assay and oil abstraction business. The accord amid multi antidotal teams has become a norm. Real-time advice advice from alien reservoirs, and processing of such abstracts in a collaborative ambiance that involves assorted teams and bell-ringer locations has become an capital allotment of the business accommodation authoritative process. In alternative words, a ability based admission underlies the analytical business decisions in oil majors. (Jemielniak & Kociatkievicz, 2009, pg 284). As an oil and gas abstraction aggregation of the world, with attendance in added than 30 countries beyond the world, PETRONAS is one of the Oil Majors. Being an added aggressive sector, accomplished agents are consistently on appeal in the Oil and Gas industry. This implies that organizations accept to avert adjoin abrasion and be armed with able ability administration practices that administer basal advice about processes, best practices and advice about acreage experts and tacit ability about the absolute operational processes. Able ability administration action is at the affection of business competitiveness and success. Knowledge Administration Knowledge is a multidimensional and amalgamate entity. Proper storage, allocation and retrieval of ability is analytical for innovation, bulk ascendancy and appropriately the competitiveness of any industry. Particularly, for ability accelerated firms such as PETRONAS, breadth aerial accomplished engineering processes are involved, there is a charge for ‘integrated operations’ amid assorted ability areas. Ultimately, convalescent the assembly admission action is at the affection of all ability administration practices in PETRONAS. One of the important areas that abridgement allocation in the Oil and gas breadth in accepted is the alive of the backlog engineers, the assembly engineers and the action engineers at the facilities. This implies that operation decisions are not consistently fabricated in appointment with the onshore engineers. In alternative words this leads to what is accepted as the burst approach. (Jemielniak & Kociatkievicz) 2009, pg 285 Integrated Operations (Process ability and backlog sensors and Accord amid vendors and operators) (Jemielniak & Kociatkievicz, 2009, pg 285) Information technology has now penetrated every breadth of the assembly and action ascendancy aspects of the Oil and Gas companies. However, best of these IT accoutrement are specialized and abridgement the affiliation that makes it difficult to admission accordant abstracts for purposes of assembly assay and optimization. It is all-important that all the three above capacity (reservoir management, assembly administration and action management) barter real-time data. A aggregate advice amplitude ability be the acknowledgment to the problems as it promotes bigger admission to real-time abstracts and affiliation of the assorted processes, which is the key to accomplishing assembly optimization. (Jemielniak & Kociatkievicz, 2009, pg 284) Knowledge Administration in PETRONAS Knowledge administration practices are actual contempo at PETRONAS. As the Ability Administration manager, Miss Murni Shariff, appear in a contempo interview, alone in 2006 the aggregation actively focused on KM practices. Prior to that KM was mostly belted to agreeable and advice management. (KMTalk, 2009) There are two types of ability namely tacit ability and absolute knowledge. Absolute knowledge, as the name suggests, refers to ability that could be calmly documented. This blazon of ability is acquired by reading, ascertainment and discussion. For instance, accurate guides about a affairs or the operational appearance of a artefact are examples of absolute knowledge. Tacit knowledge, on the alternative hand, is added absolute and it is not attainable to certificate it and appropriately abundant harder to share. Tacit ability is developed over a aeon of time back an alone assets insights and capacity about the assorted functions in the organization. (MMU, 2006) Currently, PETRONAS is absorption on all efforts appear appointment this tacit ability of its agents and authoritative it attainable for approaching advertence and for new workers. Accomplishing this tacit ability administration pertaining to the assorted circuitous processes aural the organizations is acute for the aggregation to abate costs and become competitive. As Stephen Birell, business administrator of Vardus, a KM aggregation absorption on the Oil and gas breadth states, “The way the industry can drive bottomward bulk is by advancing the areas of huge bulk which are accessories and drilling. And if anybody follows best convenance and shares their learning, you won’t accept bodies authoritative the aforementioned mistakes twice. And that ultimately saves money.” (Chowdury, 2006) Three issues are the capital affective factors for the accomplishing of KM practices beyond the organization. These are 1) crumbling workforce- With added than three and bisected decades back its academy abounding of the abstruse agents associates at PETRONAS are advancing their retirement age and this accumulation retirement would acutely appulse aloft the achievement unless abrupt ability administration behavior are in abode to abduction the tacit ability of these accomplished earlier workforce. 2) The all-around oil industry is actual aggressive agreement a aerial exceptional for the accomplished and abreast workforce. Aerial abrasion bulk at PETRONAS is one big botheration as competitors are adorable accomplished staff. In this ambience the affair of Assurance becomes foremost. The afterward 5 C’s are accustomed as assurance factors amid ability accelerated workers. These are a) Competence, b) Commitment, c) Conflict, d) Advice and e) Caring. Of these charge is foremost and it is the albatross of the aggregation baton or the administrator to ensure that charge to the alignment and its ethics are developed artlessly as a acknowledgment to the action and archetype apparent by the leader. (Ralston, 2007) Finally, accretion all-embracing operations additionally implies all-embracing antagonism and in this book an able KM plan is indispensible for the alignment to calmly administer and alike the all-embracing operations. KM makes it accessible to artlessly chase the ‘PETRONAS way’ of appointment ability beyond the altered organizations. (KMtalk, 2009) Initially, the capital focus was on technology and in removing the hindrances in administration ability stored in assorted database formats. However, added than the abstruse problems it is the botheration associated with animal accepting that is currently a acute issue. In alternative words, announcement able change administration is the key to implementing KM practices. At PETRONAS new initiatives were implemented to advance bigger change management. Communities of Convenance A new, ‘Communities of practice’ (CoP) action was implemented with the abstraction of starting an able KM affairs beyond the absolute alignment to bigger facilitate alteration of advice amid the assorted capacity in a abrupt and able manner. Currently, there are over 50 CoP’s with anniversary Cop accepting 30 members. A baton or a best is called amid anniversary CoP aggregation based on their achievement criteria. The CoP’s were provided with a basal structural framework with which they can apparatus KM solutions and advance group-wide collaborative values. Approved ecology of the CoP operations and appulse of the aforementioned are undertaken. These leaders are additionally encouraged to allotment success belief on online CoP newsletter. To animate agog accord from the staff, the Ability administration aggregation is additionally currently announcement a rewards arrangement wherein the letters from the assorted Cop’s would be advised and the best assuming aggregation accustomed and awarded (Murni Shariff, 2008) This CoP admission at PETRONAS has apparent cogent absolute after-effects so far with able advice barter amid assorted operating units already arresting beyond the organization. This would additionally decidedly advance the training for adolescent bearing agents as they fast alter the backward earlier generation. A simple online apparatus that was advised to appraise the assimilation of the CoP based KM practices has accepted these absolute improvements. ( Murni Shariff, 2008) Conclusion Knowledge administration practices are analytical to the connected aggressive advance of any organization. In simple agreement it facilitates able reclaim of authoritative assets which is alike to ample bulk savings. Particularly, in a ability accelerated and high-tech alignment such as PETRONAS, KM practices advice to advance bigger accord amid multidisciplinary teams. This could advice abstain millions of dollars in costs by allowance workers abstain accidental delays and repetitive mistakes. The accepted KM practices involving Communities of convenance concepts are assuming acceptable accepting amid the agents which is important for able change management. As added and added agents associates are encouraged to participate in KM activities, added accelerated KM practices and collaborative platforms could be established. This would advice in acumen alignment advanced action affiliation and all-embracing business alignment. However, approved ability auditing is the key to accept the breeze of ability aural the alignment and to ascertain areas breadth improvements could be accomplished by accretion ability sharing. Connected administration abutment is the key as alike a baby bulk of time and assets spent on acceptable KM practices would absolutely construe to ample abundance assets in the best run. References Dariusz Jemielniak & Jerzy Kociatkievicz, (2009), Handbook of analysis on Ability accelerated organizations, Pub by Advice Science Reference. Faith Ralston, (2007), How to administer four types of Ability Workers- Play Your Best Hand, Adams Media. U.S.A KMtalk, (2009) Ability Administration in PETRONAS : Account with Murni Shariff, beheld Jan 23rd 2012, <> Murni Shariff, (2008), PETRONAS : Engaging Ability Worker Communities to Stimulate Addition and Build Corporate Capability, Beheld Jan 23rd 2012, Naguib Chowdhury, (2006), Ability Administration Accomplishing in PETRONAS: A Case Study, Beheld Jan 23rd 2012, Manchester Metropolitan University, (2006) Introduction to Ability Management, beheld Jan 24th 2012,

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