Knowledge is Power Critical Essay

The differences in cultural behavior and traditions resulted in the adversity of Cambodian migrants in adjusting to the affairs in the United States. However, due to the way American ability affects the way these bodies live, bit-by-bit changes had been seen. It is through this that we see a about-face in the acumen of Cambodian refugees apropos altered things. In the end, such redefinition of concepts and ability anchored the Southeast Asians into the American abundance state. Looking at the affair presented by Ong, there are absolutely desperate changes and a bit-by-bit about-face as far as ability is anxious aural the ambit of refugees active in the United States. Seeing these there are two (2) agency in which the assembly of ability added which in about-face anchored the role of South East Asians in the region. First, is that it created an befalling for the acculturation action to appear amid Cambodian immigrants in the United States. Seeing the accident in Cambodia, association approved to attending for places that their aegis and adherence can be assured. “By adopting their arms, they adopted to go to America, the home of abandon and wealth, far abroad from the bananas Pol Pot regime, the chaos, poverty, and political ambiguity of Cambodia.” (Ong, 2003) The accessible botheration that can be apparent during the aboriginal access of Cambodians in the United States was the affair of adjusting to the altered norms and practices by the state. “The best accessible difficulties faced by Cambodian refugees in the United States accept to do with intergenerational conflicts, alive gender norms and opportunities, problems of bread-and-butter marginalization, and problems of ancestral discrimination—all of which are advised by accompaniment interventions in authoritative these immigrants into “good citizens.” (, 2006) Though such case may be problematic, it caked the advice bare and the requirements set to become chip into the state. Another botheration aural the realms of acculturation is the alive of ability by those who allege the accent at to those who do not. “The change in ability relations amid parents and accouchement led to accouchement actuality balked with parents not actuality able to advice them with homework.” (Vang, 2004, p.2) Another affair that can be analyzed in the bearings is the role of both men and women decidedly amid Cambodian refugees. “For men and women, abundance annex added women’s ability about to men’s” (Vang, 2004, p.2) Also, there is the case of aggravating to cope and acclimatize to the account providers that caters to the casework of both refugees and immigrants. “By accepting the appropriate to arbitrate in calm disputes and to set new norms of gender behavior, account workers were able to redefine refugee ethnicity morally, a action that additionally legitimized their able ascendancy over impoverished, disadvantaged, and racialized Americans" (Ong, p.167) This in about-face created a spectrum of accomplishments amid the account providers as a agency of acculturating the Cambodian immigrants/ refugees. “Similarly, the captivation of amusing workers in ancestors action after-effects for some in new opportunities for restructuring calm gender and generational dynamics, admitting for others, it becomes a agency of reinforcing acceptable relations of bureaucracy and community. The additional acumen is that the assembly of ability additionally legitimized the role of Cambodian refugees in the society. This agency that these people, afterwards the acclimation action became allotment of the all-embracing dynamics and processes in the American society. “Such ascendancy resulted in the refugees accepting to ascertain and redefine themselves to "fit" into accurate categories in adjustment to access assets for survival.” (Vang, 2004, p.2) However, the legitimization alone serves as a accompaniment for every citizenry and for the allotment of the boyhood this agency actual little. Yes, such accomplishments may assume benign in the way that they can access casework from the abundance state, but all-embracing the analysis amid immigrants is the aforementioned as of blacks and alternative minorities. “It additionally appears that assumptions about the atramentous and Hipic underclass black the teachers' expectations about the crisis of the refugee's self-sufficiency, the bound kinds of jobs they could potentially fill, and their charge for amusing conduct on accession on the American mainland” (Ong, 2003, p.84) In the end, such ability of the bearings paved the way for the development of new understandings and practices that is alone different to Cambodian refugees. It created a new access for changes that both showcased the acceptable ancillary and bad ancillary of things. The dynamics of cultural action are presented by Ong in the book and such creatively served the way Southeast Asians became allotment of the American association and culture. References (2006) Buddha is Hiding: Refugee, Citizenship, The New America. Ong, A. (2003) Buddha Is Hiding: Refugees, Citizenship, the New America. California Series in Public Anthropology, vol. 5. (Berkeley and London: University of California Press) Vang, C.Y. (2004) Buddha is Hiding: Refugee, Citizenship, The New America. Review.

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