Kim Woods

Unit VI Scholarly Activity  My Ecological Footprint  Review the area alleged Assets and Sustainability on pp. 266-267 of the arbiter area Knox & Marston (2016) altercate the abstraction of ecological footprint. On p. 267, acceptance are asked to administer their ability by artful how acceptable their affairs is compared to others. Visit the web articulation provided in the arbiter on p. 267 and booty the claimed ecological brand quiz, which calculates your ecological footprint. You can admission the brand calculator by beat the afterward link:  Assignment Instructions: After demography the ecological brand quiz, acknowledgment the afterward questions:  1. Summarize your quiz results. Which areas did you accept the atomic and which the better appulse on the apple (food, shelter, mobility, resources, or goods)? If anybody lived like you, how abounding planets would we need? How abounding all-around acreage does it booty to abutment your lifestyle?  2. What afraid you about your results? How did your after-effects accomplish you feel?  3. What accomplish can you booty to abate your ecological footprint? Name at atomic two.  4. What is your albatross as a all-around aborigine to assure the earth’s resources?  5. Accommodate one advocacy to a civic administering anatomy or a multi-national administering anatomy to advice abate the ecological brand fabricated by citizens. Assignment Requirements: It is appropriate that you re-write anniversary catechism and again accommodate your acknowledgment to all of the questions asked. Your questions and responses should be a minimum of 1 folio in breadth (not including the appellation folio and advertence page).

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