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Unit V Article   Developing Nation Problem-Solution  Within Assemblage VII, you are activity to abide a Problem/Solution Assay Cardboard that analyzes a amusing affair actuality faced by a accurate ambit or semi-periphery nation. You will activate your assay cardboard activity in this unit. You will abide an article which will act as a alpha abstract for your Assemblage VII Assay Paper. This Assemblage V article appointment will not be submitted through SafeAssign back this is a abstract assignment. You will be acceptable to archetype and adhesive actual from this article anon into your Assemblage VII paper. Before starting the Assemblage V article assignment:  1. Read the requirements for the Assemblage VII problem-solution paper, and assay the allocation account for the paper, as well. This advice can be begin below, aural the Assemblage VII Assay Cardboard instructions.  2. Aces a country for your article appointment which will additionally be the aforementioned country acclimated for the Assemblage VII cardboard (the country charge be from a ambit nation or semi-periphery nation). Note: The Assemblage II account explains the abstraction of ambit and semi-periphery which will advice you in allotment your country.  3. Activate brainstorming and researching about the issues and solutions you appetite to awning in this article appointment and after in your assay paper. You can accept one of the accommodation listed in the articulation below, or you may aces your own topic: Unit V Article Appointment Instructions: Abide a two folio article with abstract actual you can use in your final cardboard (remember, the final assay cardboard is due in Assemblage VII). This two folio article is meant to get you started in your researching and autograph for the final paper.  Developing Nation Botheration Band-aid Article Appointment Instructions & Requirements Check List  The two folio article charge use the afterward headings: Addition of Problem, Solution, and Conclusion. It is appropriate that anniversary area accommodate the following:  1. Addition of Problem: Briefly acquaint the country you are presenting and the above amusing affair (economic, political, environmental, political, war, poverty, etc.) Accommodate a description of the nation’s background, geography, demographics, and alternative important accommodation about the nation that are important for your presentation of the problem. Present accommodation about the amusing affair actuality faced in the nation. You can present added than one issue. This area should accommodate assay you begin on the affair and your own analysis. Make abiding to accommodate who the botheration impacts and calmness of the issue. You appetite to back to the clairvoyant why it is a problem. Present your apriorism or capital altercation in the introduction.  2. Solution: Present at atomic one band-aid to the issue. This area should accommodate assay you begin on the solution(s) and your own analysis. Discuss things like why it is the best solution, who is complex in implementing the solution, and abeyant absolute and abrogating appulse of implementing the proposed solution(s). *In the final abstract in Assemblage VII you will accommodate a added all-embracing account and assay of the solutions and accommodate at atomic one acceptable band-aid to the problem.  3. Conclusion: Include: (1) Summary of what was discussed and any final thoughts. You can allocution about how it impacts the future, charge for approaching research, or alarm to action. It is appropriate that you administer the appellation globalization in your article in some capacity. Discuss how globalization or inter-connectedness relates to the affair or solution. This altercation could absorb concepts discussed in the arbiter like the appulse of colonialization, imperialism, technology, environment, immigration/migration, Westernization, terrorism, geopolitics, trade, military, etc. Your cardboard should be accounting in APA appearance with a minimum of 2 pages (not including the appellation and advertence pages) Source Requirement: Your article charge accommodate assay you accept aggregate from a minimum of two sources (not including the textbook). Sources can be from acclaimed account or annual sources, authoritative or authoritative websites, or associate advised account sources.  

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