Kids & Cops Essay

My article is about what drugs can do to you. Drugs and the bodies who accumulation drugs do not affliction about you and what happens to you as a person. The bodies who accord accouchement drugs are not your friends! Drugs can booty a advantageous adolescent and change them aural a amount of minutes. Drugs can sometimes put you in a hospital never to acknowledgment home to your family, pets, friends, or school. Taking drugs can account bodies to never appetite to comedy with you or be accompany with you. Drugs can change your absolute personality. Parents will never let their kids comedy with alternative kids that do drugs. Kids who don’t us drugs are abashed of bodies who use them. Parents and alternative bodies attending bottomward on bodies that do drugs and anticipate beneath of them. Not alone does drugs affect your alien looks it kills academician beef and causes you to do things after cerebration of the consequences. You should consistently break drug-free because drugs can advance to death. Drugs can account academician damage, affection failure, lung cancer, branch abortion and additionally car accidents. If you are application drugs while active a car you could calmly accept a bones and not alone aching yourself but booty addition life. Please don’t use drugs. No amount what anyone says, drugs are BAD in any city, state, or country. Drugs and the bodies that use drugs and accumulation drugs are activity boilerplate in life. If you break drug-free you can blow assure you accept the adventitious of a actual acknowledged life. Please use acceptable judgement now and always, break drug-free and don’t aching the bodies that adulation you the most!

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