Kafka’s Realism Regarding the Sirens

Kafka’s arrangement of Odysseus’ appointment with the Sirens is a astute access to Homer’s cogent of events. Kafka credibility out that the song of the Sirens would accept been added able than annihilation set in abode to block out their song from anyone’s ears, abnormally the wax Circe brash Odysseus to abode in the aerial of his men. As Kafka says, “he had complete acceptance in the scattering of wax” (128). Herein lies Kafka’s capital point, namely that admitting the efforts put alternating by anyone, alike those guided by the gods, no one would accept been able to escape the Sirens and their deadly, adorable song; it follows that, Kafka maintains, the Sirens could not accept been singing at all (128). Kafka’s estimation of Homer actuality goes added than alone asserting that the Sirens could alone accept been bashful rather than singing back Odysseus led his men accomplished the bank they inhabited. Kafka is advertence the existential burden of best apropos Odysseus in accurate by implying that Odysseus, added complete in apperception than alike the gods, was able to artlessly apathy the actuality of the Sirens and thereby escape. Realizing this to be the case, the Sirens did not alike bother to sing, but Odysseus, as Kafka asserts, in attempting to “shield” himself from both the Sirens and the gods, told the adventure as if they had been singing, and that his artifice were abundant to assure both him and his men from the baleful song (128). In advancement that the Sirens were singing, back in all anticipation they were not as their song would accept calmly penetrated any barrier, Odysseus was able to accumulate anybody happy—the Sirens included. Kafka is allurement his admirers to amend the likelihood that Odysseus’ instructions, handed bottomward from Circe, absolutely worked. In adverse to Homer’s adaptation of events, Kafka is advancement that realistically it would not accept been at all accessible for anyone, no amount how strong, to escape the song of the Sirens. Whereas Homer asserts that in actuality Odysseus was able to escape the baleful song by bushing the aerial of his men with wax and again attached their baton up on the mast, Kafka says that Odysseus was alone bluffing anybody into cerebration that it absolutely worked, alike his men. The implications of the addition Kafka mentions abreast the end of his adventure are that Odysseus was able to abutting off his close apperception from alike the gods, and that they were clumsy to see in him that in actuality the Sirens were silent. In turn, Homer was able to advance that Odysseus’ allegorical adventure was in actuality abounding with crisis at every about-face by positing that Odysseus had absolutely outsmarted the adorable Siren song. But, as Kafka alludes, it would accept been a rather addled adventure were Odysseus to accept accepted that the Sirens were in actuality silent. Odysseus’ survival, not alone throughout his adventure but afterwards as well, adequate in his adeptness to fool himself and in about-face the gods.

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