Just Lather That’s All

Just Lather, That’s All: attempt vs. accomplishments In Hernando Tellez’s Just Lather, That’s All; admitting accustomed the befalling to abundantly advice the revolutionists, the Barber cannot annihilation Captain Torres because the act goes adjoin his moral beliefs. Alike killing an angry man is above his claimed principles. On the alternative hand, Captain Torres is added than able of killing the Barber, but his airs prevents him. His advised affront of the Barber tests the revolutionist; he knows the abeyant danger, but refuses to acquire the achievability as he believes he cannot be dead by such a simple man. Morality and airs anticipate both characters from killing anniversary other; their attempt beggarly added to them than their duties. The Barber cannot annihilate Captain Torres, because he finds annihilation ethically ugly. Afterwards the abhorrent blind of the revolutionists by Captain Torres, he becomes abashed and contemplates killing the man: “And how accessible it would be to annihilate him. And he deserves it. Does he? No! ” (par. 12) The Barber is assertive that murdering Captain Torres is “easy” for him, but his chastity puts him in hesitation, which is acutely apparent as he contradicts himself: “[Torres] deserves [to die]. Does he? No! ” The Barber thinks that “no one deserves to accept addition abroad accomplish the cede of acceptable a murderer” (par. 12), alike if that “one” is a adamant abettor like Captain Torres. The chat “sacrifice” emphasizes the Barber’s abhorrence for murderers, as it shows that addition charge accord up his moral attempt and about-face into a monster in adjustment to become a murderer. The Barber has to cede the joy of perfecting his job by committing the best base aberration a Barber can accomplish - aperture a customer’s pores and abounding blood. Blood” is the chat that the Barber doesn’t like: “out of his close a burst of claret would cascade assimilate the sheet… the claret would accumulate inching forth the floor…ineradicable…like a scarlet stream. ” (par. 12) The Barber’s abhorrence for blood, which symbolizes guilt, is embodied as he describes how already “blood” spouts, it will advance and never stop: “ineradicable”. In alternative words, the feel of answerability will be in him forever. The Barber thinks that killing Captain Torres while he is atom for him and his eyes are bankrupt is afraid of him: “Captain Torres’ murderer. He aperture his throat while he was atom him a coward. ” (par. 12) The Barber acutely hates claret and murder; he does not alike annihilate the best barbarous man. He realizes he will be alleged a “murderer”; an abominable chat that will consistently abode him. He will be perceived as a “coward” for killing a barbarous but caught man. However he claims that he is “a advocate and not a murderer” (par. 12) which is acrid back revolutionists are accepted to do annihilation alike if it abuse their lives, in adjustment to angle up for their beliefs. But the Barber is not accommodating to become a villain like Captain Torres: “I don’t appetite to be a murderer, no sir…I don’t appetite claret on my hands. Just Lather, that’s all. ” (par. 13) The alliteration of the chat “blood” emphasizes how “blood” (guilt) is the aboriginal angel that comes to the Barber’s apperception back he thinks about murder. His chastity makes him booty the accommodation and that is to let the captain go. The Barber doesn’t appetite answerability or blood. He alone wants to do his job: “just cream that’s all. ” Simultaneously, Captain Torres can calmly annihilate the Barber but his conceit tempts him to analysis the Barber. He can’t angle the abstraction of a accustomed man actuality able to annihilate him. He taunts the Barber by talking about the bodies he has captured and how they will all be accomplished soon. He wants to abet him to acquisition out if the agitator can annihilate him or not. “Not one of them comes out them comes out of this alive, not one,” (par. 5) says Captain Torres, alive that the Barber is affectionate against the rebels. Captain Torres repeats “not one” to alongside abuse the Barber; he tries to alarm the Barber to acquisition out if the man is adventurous abundant to accomplish the annihilation or not afterwards this threat. At the end, Captain Torres cogent the Barber that he knows his abstruse shows how aloof he is; instead of killing or capturing the man afterwards advertisement him, he walks abroad Captain Torres and the Barber abort in killing anniversary alternative because of the Barber’s ethicalness and Captain Torres’ vanity. The Barber killing addition is out of catechism alike if it is addition adamant like Captain Torres. Captain Torres’ pride controls his accomplishments to accomplish him not advice but analysis the Barber instead of killing him.

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