Julius Caesar Cause and Effect Essay

Kaya Lawrance Mrs. Ham Honors English 2 March 7th, 2012 Julius Caesar Cause and Aftereffect Essay: A Leader's Acute Decision: Decisions. Decisions are what accomplish the apple go round. After them, time would be frozen, never affective forward. They are the choices bodies accomplish that actuate our future. Some decisions are hard, some are easy. But, no amount what decisions are made, they will consistently end with the aforementioned result: an effect. So, it's important that bodies go through the accommodation authoritative action to eventually appear to a final choice. Everyone has to accomplish abounding decisions every day that affect our lives. Julius Caesar additionally had to accomplish abounding decisions that had abundant results. But, alone one of his decisions stood out from all the others. Alone one accommodation would actuate his rue fate. This article will allocution about the causes and furnishings of Julius Caesar's cogent accommodation to be present at the Senate affair or not. This determines his adverse fate in a amount of activity or death. Caesar had to accomplish the acute accommodation of activity to the Senate affair or not. Although about every assurance warns him adjoin activity to the meeting, he makes the adamant accommodation to go anyways, which eventually leads to his violent, around-the-clock death. This accommodation has abounding able furnishings on the people, the conspirators, and Rome. But, it additionally has abounding causes or contest that led up to it. So, some questions appear up: Do the contest that led up to Caesar's accommodation adumbrate the furnishings of his choice? Or carnality versa? The capital catechism is: which best is the bigger choice? Causes: There are abounding causes of Caesar's final decision. Abounding of these causes, though, may be bigger articular as warnings or signs adjoin his appearance at the Senate meeting. At the alpha of the book, Caesar appears at a chase in which he is confronted by a Soothsayer cogent him, "Beware of the Ides of March. (1. 2. 21) He thinks annihilation of it and tells the Soothsayer to move on. Caesar charcoal dark of this admonishing while Brutus, Cassius, and the alternative conspirators artifice his blood-soaked murder. Dramatic Irony is back the readers apperceive what article that the appearance does not know. Dramatic Irony applies to this because readers apperceive that the conspirators are acute to annihilate Caesar while he is not acquainted that they are. Addition "warning sign" that he should not go to the Senate affair occurs on March 15 (Ides of March) appropriate afore the meeting. Calphurnia describes how she has had aberrant and alarming dreams of Caesar's ability cloudburst our claret while blessed citizens of Rome bath their easily in it. Calphurnia sees this as an omen, and back she does not usually accept in omens, she is abashed by them now and believes this one to be a accurate omen. A assistant additionally warns Caesar, "They would not accept you to activity alternating today. Plucking the belly of an alms forth, they could not acquisition a affection aural the beast. "(2. 2. 40-42) This is addition admonishing assurance for the acumen of award a accountability or aberration in a sacrificed beastly meant bad luck in his time. Although he ignores the Servant’s account out of his own assured arrogance, he decides to break because of his wife's abashing whim. But afterwards Decius appears with affairs to escort Caesar to the Senate House, Decius convinces him to go with quick and sly words. "This dream is all awry interpreted; It was all a eyes fair and fortunate. Your ability abounding claret in abounding pipes, in which so abounding animated Romans bathed, signifies that from you abundant Rome shall blot animating blood, and that abundant men shall columnist for tinctures, stains, relics, and cognizance. This by Calphurnia's dream is signified,"(2. 2. 87-94) Decius lies through his teeth to change Caesar's mind. He describes how the bodies will anticipate he is a alarmist for not going, and how he would accept the acme if he went. The aloof Caesar afflicted his apperception in a heartbeat, addled by his abhorrence of attractive foolish. Effects: The furnishings of Caesar's accommodation to go to the Senate affair were great, affecting all of Rome in abounding means over a continued aeon of time. Of advance the capital aftereffect of this is his own death. If he would accept alone listened to the soothsayers warning, taken Calphurnia's warnings into consideration, listened to the agents message, and had aloof accustomed abhorrence to overpower his over aplomb - he would accept backward home and lived. He could again see how dark he had been all along. He would be able to see his accurate cocky after the affectation of airs and complete foolishness. But, fate is inescapable. Even if he had not absitively to go to the Senate, he would accept met his final comatose abode - somehow. So, do the contest that led up to Caesar's accommodation adumbrate the furnishings of his choice? Yes, the causes or contest that led up to his afterlife are actual acceptable affidavit why Caesar should not accept gone to the Senate meeting. There were abounding warnings adjoin him activity and Calphurnia's dream about fabricated it so bright that he shouldn't go that it was aloof absurd to go. Caesar knew that it was a bad abstraction to go and that the furnishings of activity could be bad. He knew article bad was activity to happen, yet his own abject personality destroyed his life. Two acquaint can be abstruse from this event: 1. don’t acquiesce the faults of your own personality affect your bigger judgment. 2. "Men at some time are masters of their fates. "(1. 2. 146)

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