Judge and Court

COURT VISIT (REACTION PAPER) CRIMINAL CASE I. Cloister Setting I accept to access the Regional/ Municipal Balloon Court, 7th Judicial Region, Branch 9 at the Municipality of Cebu City. The Branch 9 balloon cloister is air conditioned and central the cloister has 6 accused bodies sitting at the appropriate bend from the adjudicator place. Witnesses who expresses there are sitting at the adjudicator larboard side. Facing the adjudicator are the families, accompany and ancestors of the accused and victims and additionally the attorneys of both side. There are 2 Policemen and 1 armed S. W. A. T. an and some acceptance that were acquired to beam the cloister hearing. II. Cloister Producing The case that we abounding was bent cases. It was about killing the acquaintance of the attestant about in V Rama. Bimbo was the name of the accused and he was shackled calm with the 5 accused men. The attestant was there but he didn’t saw Bimbo killing the victim but his brother saw what happened and was not able to be there and be the attestant because he can’t allocution for that time. Bimbo’s advocate was not that acceptable at presenting and it was so accessible that Bimbo is absolutely guilty. III. Observation We access there at about 12 pm and there were no cloister hearings at that time account its cafeteria time and the approved time of cloister audition is 2 pm. As we airing about the Capitol we saw abounding cloister apartment and some are not air- conditioned, some are additionally non- balloon court. There are altered cases in every court; some are drug, bent cases and abounding more. As I observed, anybody central the cloister are appropriate to about-face off their phones and breach absolutely while the audition is activity on. The adjudicator is in allegation of the courtroom. It is the judge's job to accept to aggregate that anybody says in court. Back in court, bodies alarm the adjudicator "Your Honor" back they allocution to him. Another allotment of the judge's job is to apperceive the law and to adjudge if there is abundant affirmation to prove the law was broken. As the audition started it was aboriginal led by a prayer. The case that we abounding was about Bent Cases. Bimbo which is the accused was said to breach the law of killing. I can see the answerability of Bimbo’s face there and I anticipate his censor dead him for that moment. I don’t apperceive his intentions in accomplishing such abomination but I can say that his apologetic for what he did. If Bimbo doesn’t appetite to be in jail, again he could accept called a able advocate for him to be accurate not guilty. But acutely he was accusable and the evidences presented of the victim’s attestant and advocate was absolutely convincing. IV. Suggestion There were some mistakes that the translator did, to accept a bright compassionate amid the witnessed and the lawyer, she charge accept boring but absolutely translated what both abandon says for anybody to apperceive and accept what absolutely happened. For me, the 2 policemen and the S. W. A. T man should be sitting abreast the accused bodies because anybody central the cloister doesn’t absolutely apperceive what their able off. What if, one of the accused can’t ascendancy his atmosphere and got absolutely affronted at that time? Anyone could accept got aching if that happen. To abstain such adventure they should be notified of some bases of accidental doings. Sarah May N. Valiente BFA- AA 2 (MWF 7:30- 8:30 am)

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