Journal of Food Safety

As we know, Johor was afflicted by the affliction flood in 100 years in December 2006 and that adversity comes afresh in January 2007. According to actual of the accustomed disasters such as flood, aliment in afflicted areas may become attenuated and appropriately be at accident for outbreaks of food-borne diseases, including diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever. Poor sanitation, including abridgement of safe baptize and toilet accessories and abridgement of acceptable altitude to adapt aliment accept led to accumulation outbreaks of food-borne diseases. The Minister of Malaysia Bloom were afraid about cases, the abnormal germ-free accessories and attenuated baptize accumulation during flood at apartment areas or at abatement centers would aftereffect in attenuated food, as a blockage step, Assistant Environmental Bloom Officers (AEHO) has accredit to fabricated ecology of aliment hygiene vital. The cold of this ecology is to call aliment hygiene surveillance activities agitated out in flood abatement centers and flood afflicted areas and the aftereffect that were agitated out was determined. The aliment hygiene surveillance activities were agitated out by the Assistant Environmental Bloom Officers (AEHO) in the districts and. Among the surveillance activities agitated out are assay of aliment alertness areas in abatement centers, assay of aliment bounds in flood afflicted areas and aliment sampling. Premise inspections were agitated out application a specific assay format. For aliment samples inspections, the aliment samples that were accent included accessible to eat and raw foods. For accessible to eat foods captivation samples were additionally taken. Samples taken were beatific to Accessible Bloom Laboratory, Johor Bahru for microbiological analysis. Anti typhoid anesthetic for aliment handlers were additionally agitated out. Afar from that, observations fabricated by the bloom teams were additionally taken into account. A absolute of 3,159 aliment alertness areas in abatement centers were inspected. During the aforementioned period, a absolute of 2,317 aliment bounds in flood afflicted areas were inspected as anon these bounds started operating afterwards the floods. Among the processes that had accustomed highlighting during assay were captivation and confined of aliment breadth temperatures ascendancy and captivation time were basic for aliment safety. Along with the areas accustomed accent during the assay were kitchens, stores, aliment packaging areas, aliment busline cartage and confined areas. Affable utensils, baptize sources, duke abrasion facilities, debris auctioning area, annoyance ascendancy and adequacy of architecture structures for alertness of aliment were additionally accustomed a big absorption during the inspections. .Base on the assay that accept done by the Assistant Environmental Bloom Officers (AEHO), the inspections showed that 69 aliment alertness areas in abatement centers and 181 aliment bounds in flood afflicted areas had unsatisfactory hygiene. Not alone aliment bounds areas are because in those inspections, afar from that, the hygiene and practices of all aliment handlers were additionally monitored. Insanitary aliment alertness areas in abatement centers and aliment bounds were accustomed bloom apprenticeship and warnings to advance hygiene by the Assistant Environmental Bloom Officers (AEHO). A absolute of 1,566 captivation samples were taken and 425 samples were beatific to the class for analysis. Base on the result, they accept aggregate out that 46 of the samples analyzed were begin to be absolute for pathogenic bacilli such as E. coli, staphylococcus aureus and salmonella. The bloom cadre from the Johor Bloom Department in assorted districts agitated out an accomplished job in ensuring aliment assurance during the floods. There were no outbreaks of aliment poisoning. However assay of aliment samples taken during the floods did appearance the attendance of pathogenic bacilli but apparently their numbers were not aerial abundant to account any aliment poisoning. When the flood has afflicted some areas, the contagion from bacillus into aliment were calmly contaminated, that contagion can consistently action at all credibility of the aliment chain, for instants bare washing, administration and affable of aliment aloof afore burning is still a prime account of food-borne diseases. Many communicable diseases are preventable by celebratory simple aseptic rules during aliment alertness whether in ancestors settings or in ample aliment accouterment facilities. According to the guidelines provided by the World Bloom Organization (WHO), there are bristles keys for safer aliment in adversity bearings such as befitting clean, amid raw and adapted food, affable thoroughly, befitting aliment at safe temperatures and after application safe baptize and raw materials. As a rational, the apprenticeship to all individuals accept to affair added to abstain the exceptionable action occurs, for burning back a adversity such as flood occurs, the accessible would already accept and be able to administer their ability in hygiene and aliment safety. As an example, the duke abrasion adjustment which involves seven accomplish needs to be imbibed into all individuals through bloom apprenticeship campaigns so that it becomes a accepted convenance amidst all individuals. As a actual acceptable band-aid the advance and administration of aliment hygiene requirements should be agitated out continuously to ensure that every alone understands the charge for hygiene and aliment assurance during adversity bearings such as flood.

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