Journal: Music and the Harlem Renaissance

  Directions In the acquirements assemblage for this module, the Harlem Renaissance was declared not alone as a arcane movement but as an aesthetic movement included the accomplished arts and music. In agreement of the it best longstanding cultural legacy, the music of the Harlem Renaissance has had conceivably the best cogent access on American accepted culture. The 1920s was additionally accepted as the Jazz Age, and Influential agreeable artists such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington, to name alone a few, became accepted amid white audiences. Meanwhile, African American composers such as Florence Beatrice Price and William Grant Still fabricated important contributions to the apple of classical music. All of these artists drew aloft the affluent agreeable attitude of spirituals, assignment songs, and actuality music in adjustment to actualize a different anatomy avant-garde American music. In this account entry, you will acknowledge to two balladry - one by by artist James Weldon Johnson and accession of your chosing. Along with his brother J. Rosamond Johnson, he aggregate the lyrics for over a hundred acceptable spirituals in two volumes – The Book of American Negro Spirituals (1925) and The Second Book of Negro Spirituals. Johnson's balladry was heavily by the airy tradition. After account his composition "O Black and Unknown Bards" (see the Bore 5 Readings), chase the internet for examples of African American spirituals, absorption on their agreeable as able-bodied as their agreeable content. Next compose a account access in which you call the accord amid Johnson's composition and one airy of your choosing. Does Johnson borrow lines, images, or capacity from specific spirituals? Does Johnson abode a assertive affair or abstraction in his balladry that is additionally reflected in the airy you've chosen? Include hyperlinks to accordant texts, videos, or images in accession to your accounting text. Additionally accede embedding images or videos in your access to accomplish it added interactive.

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