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Read the afterward commodity about time management, and again complete the admonition beneath for this account entry: (Links to an alien site.)  Write a account of 15 or added specific accomplishments you accept taken in the accomplished two canicule in the box below. (The accomplishments are specific if addition could accept recorded you accomplishing them with a video camera.) Now, on a abstracted area of paper, draw a four-quadrant blueprint like so: Division I is important and urgent, Division II is important and non-urgent, Division III is unimportant and urgent, and Division IV is unimportant and non-urgent. Write anniversary action from your account in the adapted division on your chart. Afterwards anniversary action, put the almost bulk of time you spent in the activity. For example, Division IV ability be abounding with accomplishments such as these: Watched TV (2 hours) Phone alarm to Terry (1 hour) Watched TV (3 hours) Went to the capital and wandered about (2 hours) Hung out in the cafeteria (2 hours) Played video bold (4 hours) Now, address in the box beneath about what you abstruse or relearned apropos your use of time back you completed the four-quadrant chart. Effective autograph anticipates questions that a clairvoyant may accept and answers these questions clearly. To dive abysmal in this account entry, acknowledgment questions such as the following: What absolutely did you ascertain afterwards allegory your time? In which division do you absorb the best time? What specific affirmation did you use to draw this conclusion? If you abide application your time in this way, are you acceptable to ability your goals and dreams? Why or why not? What best generally keeps you from demography bent actions? How do you feel about your discoveries? What altered choices, if any, do you intend to accomplish about how you use time?

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