Journal each question minimum 250 words four questions total 1000 words

   #4 Recall and reflect on a hazmat adventure that has occurred in your lifetime. Describe that adventure and detail the accoutrement or assets that you would use as a aboriginal responder to appraise the chemicals that were complex in the incident. #5 Review Appendix A of OSHA’s Process Assurance Management (PSM) Standard 29 CFR 1910.119 and actuate if your abode has any chemicals that beat the Threshold Quantity (TQ) articular in this table. Reflect on how your abode uses aspects of the PSM to ensure a safe workplace? Do you anticipate that the measures at your abode accomplish assurance or alone accumulate the ability in compliance? #6 Do you alive in an breadth area hydraulic fracturing takes place? What is your position on the bloom hazards associated with this technology? Do you accede that accepted regulations are careful to the ambiance (groundwater) and animal health? Why, or why not?   #7 Polymers were discussed in this unit. Reflect on the dangers associated with polymeric fires and how these fires can ignite. How will you be added alert of the dangers of polymers in your workplace? What GHS pictograms would you apprehend as a anticipation accompanying to these dangers? Your account access charge be at atomic 250 words for anniversary question. Minimum  of 1000 words

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