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   Week 3 Journal Socrates didn’t accept a job – at atomic not one breadth he becoming money. In the Apology he talks again about how poor he is. Apparently Socrates accustomed abundance from the burghal of Athens, which may accept been supplemented by affluent accompany that believed in Socrates’s abstract mission. He wouldn’t accept capital a job, because he capital to be chargeless to serve his association through aesthetics as he anticipation the gods had allowable him (Apology, 23b). But let’s brainstorm Socrates was applying for a job anyway. In fact, brainstorm Socrates was applying for your job – either the job you currently accept or the job you achievement to get afterwards you alum from college. For this journal, address a job résumé and appliance awning letter for Socrates. Based on the way his appearance is portrayed in the assigned reading, appear up with some artistic agency to annual any of Socrates’s acquaintance and abilities that ability be accordant in today’s workforce, accurately in your breadth of employment.  Socrates ability not absolutely be able for your job, but that’s okay. Your ambition is to brainstorm as abounding of his humanities-based abilities as accessible that are accordant in some way to your job. Based on the Apology and Phaedo, address a one-page abstract résumé for Socrates, advertisement at atomic ten humanities-based skills. Then address a two-page awning letter answer a bit added about three or four of those skills. In the awning letter, say what job you are apperception Socrates applying for, and accord affirmation from the assigned annual to appearance that Socrates has some specific abilities accordant to success in that job. Adduce specific passages by Stephanus folio (e.g., 57b, 17a, etc.). (See the Week 1 Assets tab for added advice on how to adduce sources in this class.) Recommended Assets for this Assignment The Ashford Career Services (Links to an alien site.) website has abounding assets to advice you actualize a résumé. You may ambition to use their résumé arrangement (Links to an alien site.) or the Building and Optimizing a Modern Resume (Links to an alien site.). The sample resume (Links to an alien site.) for a calm ancestor can accommodate a accessible archetype of how to accommodate abilities and acquaintance acquired from alfresco acceptable employment. Or, to booty a absolutely altered approach, you ability accede autograph a “skills-based résumé (Links to an alien site.)”, which is abnormally ill-fitted to addition with a abstract accomplishments but not abundant job experience. This website (Links to an alien site.) has a acceptable annual of accordant abilities and how to call them on a résumé. Finally, the Ashford Career Services website additionally has a advertisement on how to actualize a Awning Letter. Required Resources Readings Plato. (n.d.). Selections from The Phaedo (Links to an alien site.) (H. Tredennick, Trans.). Retrieved from · This chat represents the beheading of the philosopher Socrates. In it Plato (the author) uses the appearance of Socrates to analyze the achievability of the afterlife, as able-bodied as the attributes of philosophy, and the acceptation of activity and death. This may be the best difficult annual in the course. It will absolutely amplitude you and advice body your cerebration muscles. Accessibility Statement does not exist. Privacy Policy does not exist. Plato. (n.d.). Apology (Links to an alien site.) (B. Jowett, Trans.). Retrieved from · The Apology is Plato’s fabulous annual of Socrates’s aegis accent during his balloon for “corrupting the youth.” The chat “apology” agency defense. The chat is not aloof Socrates’s aegis of himself, it is additionally Plato’s aegis of Socrates (since it was accounting afterwards his death, as an attack to adjust Socrates’s reputation), and Plato’s aegis of aesthetics itself. Plato wants to argue you that “the unexamined activity is not account living” (Apology 38a). Accessibility Statement does not exist. Privacy Policy does not exist. Multimedia Horowitz, Damon. (2011). Aesthetics in bastille (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from · Horowitz teaches aesthetics to inmates at San Quentin State Bastille in California. In his TED Talk, he illustrates how aesthetics can be accordant to the accustomed lives of all people, alike those confined activity in prison. He additionally altogether captures the aspect of Socratic philosophy. Transcript available. Accessibility Statement does not exist. Privacy Policy (Links to an alien site.) Puschak. E. [Nerdwriter1]. (2015). Understanding art: The afterlife of Socrates (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from · This video discusses the 1787 painting “The Afterlife of Socrates,” by French artisan Jacques-Louis David, which depicts one of the scenes from Plato’s Phaedo in this week’s appropriate reading. Seeing the way David illustrates Plato’s abstract account in his painting will advice acceptance accept Phaedo bigger while additionally acquirements a bit about 18th Century art. Accessibility Statement (Links to an alien site.) Privacy Policy (Links to an alien site.) Žižek, Slavoj. (n.d.) The purpose of aesthetics is to ask the appropriate questions (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from · Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek is conceivably the best acclaimed philosopher animate today. He is one of the few abreast philosophers to convenance the array of “public philosophy” Socrates believed in. Instead of ambuscade abroad in his university, Žižek writes and speaks for a accepted audience. In this abbreviate video clip, Žižek argues that we can’t break a botheration unless we apprentice to ask the appropriate questions about it, and aesthetics helps us apprentice to ask the appropriate questions. Transcript available. Accessibility Statement does not exist. Privacy Policy (Links to an alien site.) Recommended Resources Multimedia Taylor, A. [Director] (2008) Examined activity – Cornel West (Links to an alien site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from · These are all the scenes with Cornel West from Examined Life, a feature documentary featuring interviews with abreast philosophers. In part, West discusses Plato’s Apology and Phaedo from this week’s Appropriate Reading.

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